Asha Degree Case gets New Investigative Coverage after 17 years!–A Press Release or a Publicity Stunt??? –Report, speculation and recommendation by Robert A. Williams

September 6, 2017, Shelby, NC

A number of news reporters gathered around noon today to hear an announcement by the FBI, SBI and the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department. A nationwide group within the FBI has joined in with the regular FBI, SBI and Sheriff’s Department to re-investigate the Asha Degree missing person report and investigation. And that the case is not a cold case. An FBI spokesperson says somebody in the community knows something.

Besides my caveat that I hope someone does come forward and breaks this case, and Asha is found alive and well, my first thought about this is this is just another election year publicity stunt. But nobody in law enforcement is up for election this year. Of course there is the very real possibility that this is a publicity stunt to turn people’s thoughts away from the scandals at Cleveland Community College, Cleveland County Schools and the various messes involving the Cleveland County Commissioners.

I suspect it is the latter. A publicity stunt to shift the political conversation going on in Cleveland County. And, Sheriff Alan Norman has found himself stuck to a tar-baby with his appointment to the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees and the public anger toward that Board for voting to give a pervert $200,000 in taxpayer dollars to leave CCC, hiring a new do-nothing President who refuses to make the necessary changes at CCC as well as returning CCC to the same ole same ole of running their own publicity stunts with the Shelby Star.

The new CCC President has also decided he will place the Board of Trustee members into various committees so they will become more likely to advocate for the CCC status quo instead of providing actual leadership for the Cleveland Community College and strict direction to this upstart of a new President.

In this respect I have some advice for Cleveland County Sheriff Alan Norman. Sheriff, your services are needed much more in fighting crimes and enforcing the law in Cleveland County rather than being jerked around by the new Cleveland Community College President. Please resign from the gridlocked CCC Board of Trustees where you were beating your head against the wall and make your services 100% available to the Sheriff’s Office. Arrest all the crooks and drug dealers and hopefully find Asha Degree in the process. Do this and you will continue being a Hero. Stay stuck on the tar-baby at CCC and voters may have to look for another Sheriff come Election Day.

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