Are NEW Commissioners Just a Bad as the OLD Commissioners??? Public Hearing on Combining DSS and Health Department Under Commissioner oversight and Control?? Question by Robert A. Williams

Ordinarily I would say that The Cleveland County DSS coming under ANY control would be a good thing. But who will control the people doing the controlling? Will we have to start right now to recruit and elect three new Commissioners in 2020? The 2018 Elections showed that Cleveland County can and will get rid of bad commissioners when need be.

The following email was sent to the NEW Cleveland County Commissioners regarding whether or not they are already disregarding the will of the people that voted them into office. AS well as violating the law.

I will surely let you hear about the response (if any) I receive from the Commissioners. The OLD Commissioners would just ignore my (and your) questions. We will see just how transparent and common sensical these NEW commissioners are going to be.

To: Cleveland County Commissioners
From: Robert A. Williams

Subject: Public Hearing Dec-18-2018 regarding DSS and Health Department coming under Commissioner Oversight and Control

Chairman Allen, All,

It has come to my attention that there will be a Public Hearing December 18, 2018 at the Commissioner’s Meeting regarding County Commissioners taking over the oversight role of a combined County DSS/Health Department. It would be my presumption that discussion and decisions would be made by commissioners after the public had the opportunity to make their comments for the record at such a public hearing and before the actual vote by commissioners on what to do in this regard.

It has also come to my attentions that written notices, communications, memo, etc. has been circulated around and provided to DSS and Health Department Boards and Staff that these decisions have already been made by the Cleveland County Board of Commissioners and are ALREADY being implemented.

It would seem that such Commissioner actions, if true, would be illegal, unethical, non-Transparent and basically just plain wrong.

Please explain what is actually going on here.


Robert A. Williams

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