Apology to School Board?? for Blaming CCS for failing Schools and so many uneducated students??? Commissioners are to Blame!! For Merger and Doing NOTHING ever since!!! Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The School Board meeting scheduled for February 11, 2019 has the minutes of the January 28, 2019 school board meeting on the agenda for approval. Upon close examination of those minutes, my predictions, as articulated in my previous article (published Feb 4th, 2019) turned out to be completely true. And then some. The minutes in many places are “condensed” to leave out the major jist of discussions and obviously so to cover-up what was actually said. And, also, to cover-up the discussion that should have been said, but was not said. Go back and read my Feb. 4th, 2019 arti9cle.

In particular this is apparent, and provable, in regard to Discussion 5.03 Regarding surplus chairs that were ruined because they were left outside for months during inclement weather. Go back and read those articles too. This particular discussion CAN be heard, although slightly, in the CCS Meeting Broadcast for January 28, 2019 that was mostly and I believe purposely destroyed. In that discussion Danny Blanton severely criticized the CCS Board and administration for such a haphazard job of protecting CCS assets. The minutes certainly left out that part. As will as Superintendent Dr. Stephen Fisher lamely stating doing such was “easier said than done.” That was NOT in the minutes. Neither was Danny Blanton’s challenge to the rest of the school board to “resign immediately if you can’t do better than this!!”

But what amazed me most of all was other parts of the so-called Strategic Plan that was discussed at the Jan 28th 2019 school board meeting.

Any reasonable taxpayer would just assume that an agency that has a $155,000,000 budget, like CCS, would already have a strategic plan in place about where and how that much money was spent, for what and how to account for everything, and this discussion would simply be updates to an existing plan. But NOOooo!!! They didn’t have an old plan in place and were talking about a new plan.

Okay then, they would be discussing what to do with all their failing schools, high rates (46% of graduating students who can’t read, write and do arithmetic proficiently. Workforce development failures and such. But, NOOooo!!! again. Superintendent Dr. Stephen Fisher clearly told the School Board that his “group” needed to develop a 2019strategic plan, not to address one thing about resolving any problems at CCS that are hindering the education of our children, but to create a strategic plan “based on the vision, mission, and goals of the North Carolina State Board of Education.” The same crowd that has stood back and watched CCSS and the rest of the school districts in North Carolina spiral down into the pits of ignorance. Along with the North Carolina Teacher Unions and Common Core! Folks, the words in parenthesis are exactly what the minutes of the January 28, 2019 school board meeting says. Hey, I am not making this stuff up, I am just making the report on what has happened and is happening as we speak.

But what Danny Blanton said was totally 100% correct. The rest of the school board members should resign immediately, if not sooner. They are nit-wits. They are nincompoops. And for anybody that does not know what a nincompoop is, I looked it up for you.

“Nincompoop,” a noun, is a dull, foolish or stupid person. Synonyms are: idiot, fool, ass, halfwit, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, simpleton, clod, dope, ninny, moron, boob, blockhead, airhead, dingleberry, etc.

That’s enough ap-propriate nicknames to go around twice for the silly school board members that just refuse to get the message. The Cleveland County Commissioners must think so too since they had Tim Moore change the law to align School Board Elections to even number years where there is significantly more turnout. As well as getting Tim to also change the law to allow Commissioners to take over the appointment of four Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees that the School Board used to have authority to do.

So, should I apologize to the nincompoop school board members who refuse to get it that CCS is a failing school district that is failing their duty to ensure that our children are being educated to meet the expectations of our citizens? And taxpayers who forked over the $155,000,000 per year for CCS to waste. Should Danny Blanton apologize to the other school board members for challenging them to resign? Should I just forget that the minutes show Superintendent Dr. Stephen Fisher’s Strategic Plan committee, the one Fisher says is “comprised of district staff, Teachers, parents and community members.” Yet Danny Blanton, who was appointed by the county commissioners to the Region C Workforce Development Task Force, is ignored and shut out of the discussion. Especially since Danny Blanton has suggested a common sense “Trade School” approach to catch CCS students up fast to the vocational training they have been shortchanged on for so long. Should School Board Member Danny Blanton apologize to the nitwits and nincompoops for showing them up so badly. And so often.

Naaahh!!! No apologies from me. That is for sure. I will let Danny Blanton speak for himself.

But, the discussion in this article exposes another fact. The Commissioners merged the school systems close to 20 years ago and have shown no interest ever since in requiring the merged school system to properly educate our children and hold CCS accountable for anything. Maybe Commissioner Doug Bridges has seen the light and was out to the January 28, 2019 school board meeting for All the right reasons. Perhaps that is so, but what can Commissioner Bridges do all by himself. Even if Commissioner Deb Hardin also jumps in to help? Even if Tim Moore is also brought in to help? Un-merge the merged school system?

For a start, that is something to think about. In the long run the 2020 elections are crucial for citizens to take control of our failing schools. The majority on both the Commissioners as well as the School Board is up for election. Us voters can run for office and clean house of the nitwits and nincompoops. Once and for all. We have the power to stop all the shenanigans going on in the miseducation of our children. All we have to do is DO IT.

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