Another Lesson for Straightening-out Crooked Places!!! County Commissioner found Guilty of Federal Crimes!! Has to Pay big time for misappropriating $$$ Watch Out Former Commissioner Eddie Holbrook!!! The Eagle Eyes are on YOU!!! And Your partners in Shady Dealings!!! ALWS Baseball, Inc. and the Casino land deals!! More Taxpayers lawsuits coming??? Report, opinion and predictions by Robert A, Williams

Folks, the FBI prosecutions have surely straightened a lot of the crooked stuff going on in the Buncombe County Commissioner’s Office in Asheville. Two former county managers and a high-level County employee are in prison and paying big fines. Scroll on back a few months for my articles about that.

What raised my interest back then, that I have kept quiet about, was how did that bust not include a Commissioner or two and the County Attorney?? Now I find out that the FBI was not through in Asheville-Buncombe County. A County Commissioner Chairman in Buncombe County has been convicted of a federal crime and has been ordered to pay big bucks back to the county for misappropriation of funds. I learned all of this from a link sent to me by a trusted source.

That link is added below for your convenience. I don’t know about you, but when I read the news article from the Asheville Citizens-Times, I immediately thought of former Commissioner Eddie Holbrook and his phony ALWS, Baseball, Inc. and the Catawba Casino that both Holbrook and Tim Moore were involved with. My second thought was about County Manager Brian Epley and the other commissioners who have went along with Holbrook’s and maybe Moore’s secret shenanigans. And, the many lies and deceptions. My third thought was about the Commissioners funding the Fair, etc. Plenty of opportunities for mischief. And $Million$ of Cleveland County taxpayers hard earned cash involved in likely illegal dealings.

My fourth thought: file more lawsuits on the taxpayer’s behalf.

Click HERE for the Citizens-Times article.

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