Another Inmate, Dead, Discovered in the Cleveland County Jail!!! More Turnover at Sheriff’s Department!! Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Earlier this afternoon. September 21, 2019, a white male, 30ish, was found hanging in his cell at the Cleveland County Jail. The man was cut down and attempts to resuscitate were made. The unresponsive inmate was transported to the Shelby Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Sources believe the man was dead well before his body was discovered. The apparent cause of death was suicide by hanging. Using a blanket fashioned into a rope.

This is the second death in the Cleveland County Jail in recent times. The other being a man that was murdered by another inmate in a holding cell awaiting being brought into the courtroom for a hearing.

It was also reported that several Sheriff’s Department employees quit their jobs in the past week. Adding to the need to hire more personnel that seems to just continue without end.

Additional information regarding the inmate who allegedly hanged himself is he was extradited from South Carolina on some sort of Heroine charge and was under a $2,000 bond. And, up until this very morning had a cellmate who was moved for some unknown reason. It is also unknown whether or not jail overcrowding coupled with insufficient jail staff contributed to this successful suicide while under the charge and care of Cleveland County Jail staff. One would tend to believe that was a contributing factor.

Especially with this situation being well identified and well known to the Cleveland County Commissioners that the overall salaries in the Sheriff’s Department are significantly lower than surrounding counties. Despite Commissioners stating that the County’s finances are the best in years as well as the Sheriff’s Department spending $250,000 to purchase a surplus military “tank.” For what purpose is also unknown. And yet, the Commissioners want to raise the sales taxes without one red cent being allocated to law enforcement.

Sources also report the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) have agents all over the Cleveland County Jail as we speak. Yet, Sheriff Alan Norman is NOT on the premises. Chief Deputy Phillip Todd was sent instead. Same as when the other inmate was murdered a while back. Perhaps Sheriff Alan Norman has good reasons for his absence. Perhaps the Sheriff will share with us what those reasons were. For Sheriff’s Department Staff morale on any account.

Folks, we have chosen not to provide the identity of the dead inmate pending notification of kin. And, besides, The Shelby Star should provide something regarding this news instead of just perpetual cover-ups of county agency problems.

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