Another Dead Baby!! 7-Month-Old Killed by DSS? Or a Dog? Or DA?? Autopsy took a Year—Who Fired our Coroner?? Shelby Star cover-up Article Confused beyond Belief!! –Report, Gossip, arguendo and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The Cleveland County Commissioner’s have told the Federal Courts in Asheville, in defense of a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against THEM, that I am “someone who apparently maintains and/or contributes to an internet blog that often criticizes the County for the apparent purpose of generating gossip” and “has published false statements.” I challenge the Cleveland County Commissioners to show where ANY of my articles has published ANY false statements about ANYTHING. I will match my truthfulness against theirs at any time. However, if it makes them happy to hide their cover-ups that I uncover as Gossip, by all means, do so. And let the readers, citizens and especially voters decide who is telling the truth. In the meantime, I will be proud to call my articles gossip. Gossip that is more true than the Commissioner’s defamatory statements and especially about their their records in office and their campaign promises that will be coming out soon enough.

Also Note that another Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit was filed June 17, 2019 against the DSS, an agency under the Cleveland County Commissioners control. I am sure the Commissioners and DSS will cali that gossip too. But Federal Court Records are public records and I will soon get ahold of that information too. And soon.

The Shelby Star’s last Sunday, June 23, 2019s front-page article written by Diane Turbyfill and titled Autopsy reveals baby’s fatal injuries—Accused killer continues to await trial raises lots of questions regarding what was written and even more confusion regarding what was left-out of the article. Most likely left-out on purpose. What that purpose is, I don’t know. So, ask Diane Turbyfill.

According to Turbyfill, Damien Shane Bell, 7-montys, died on May 22, 2018. The autopsy report, a year later, stated the baby died of a skull fracture, damage to the brain and brainstem, retinal hemorrhages and fluid on the brain. The year late autopsy report was provided by a Medical Examiner, not a Coroner. Clearly the Medical Examiner system is not working well. And the foolish Cleveland County Commissioners abolished the Office of Coroner during this time-frame because the Coroner, Robbie Morgan’s wife, had posted a comment on the Facebook Page of Commissioner Jason Falls’ wife criticizing the commissioners and County Manager (and wives) for wasting taxpayer’s money on a vacation-boondoggle trip to Washington, DC. Turbyfill never mentioned the reason for a year-long autopsy delay in her article.

Turbyfill’s article did note that the baby’s parents had gotten a convicted criminal on probation to “watch” the baby while they went out to eat. Only 30 minutes according to the article. The out-on-probation criminal and worthless 25-year-old babv-sitter, Garret Clay Fredrick, never called for assistance with the baby and left the scene before authorities arrived. After Fredrick was apprehended two days later, he allegedly claimed that he went out to smoke and the “dog” jumped on the baby. Whose dog was never explained.

Fredrick was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder. The parents were arrested too, months later and charged with contributing to neglect or abuse of a juvenile. They were sentenced to one-year of probation. Fredrick is still in jail under $1.5 million bond awaiting trial. Turbyfill reported that the DA had offered Fredrick a plea deal of 14 years in prison, but Fredrick refused the deal. Turbyfill never explored the story about the killer dog. Or why the DA’s office, allowing Fredrick out on probation, was just as guilty of “contributing to the neglect or abuse of a juvenile” just as much as the parents, Fredrick, or the un-named dog?

So, you have to wonder:
1. Why the parents were not also charged with contributing to first degree murder?
2. Why the parents were let off so lightly with only probation?
3. Why would any parent allow a convict on probation to “watch” such a young child?

But the biggest wonder, never mentioned in Turbyfill’s article, was where the heck was the Cleveland County DSS??? Child abuse and Neglect is right down DSS’s alley. A DSS responsibility-by State Law. And not a peep from Turbyfill about DSS. I smell a rat with this picture.

Another thing Turbyfill, or anybody else from the Star, is the fact that after the new DSS Director Katie Swanson was hired, Interim DSS Director and longtime cover-up artist at DSS’s Child Protective Services, was reassigned away from Child Protective Services to the DSS’s Economics section. Whatever that is? But something that Shooter has zero experience in. I totally wonder why Shooter was not flat out fired years ago for all the dead children she was assigned to protect.

But the fact Shooter was reassigned, most likely at the same high pay, indicates to me that the new arrangement where the Cleveland County Commissioners and the County Manager is in-charge of DSS is completely NOT WORKING. So many dead children and so much tax-dollars wasted to support an ineffective DSS for so long, hurting so many families and children, and the real perps get to sit in their high paying DSS jobs until THEY decide to retire.

And the Commissioners just this month reappointed two of the old DSS Board members to the new DSS advisory committee. The movie “Dumb or Dumber” comes to mind. But with the Commissioners, County Manager Brian Epley and new DSS Director Katie Swanson, this situation indicates a new description; “Dumb,” “Dumber” and “Dumbest” comes to mind. I will leave it to you readers who fits which of the “D” words fit the Commissioners. Epley and Swanson.

Also, some early gossip says Swanson is of the same “ilk” as Shooter. Have we just exchanged one problem for another???

And, why won’t the Commissioners order an investigation of the murder cover-up of 21/2 year-old Jodice Peeler?” Buried in a Holly Oak Road cometary. Where Peeler’s autopsy noted previous abuse in the form of a child rape, but sources report broken bones, not set, indicating other previous abuses that Jane Shooter and company were instrumental in covering up. Why not exhume Jodice’s body and settle this issue once and for all? And perhaps indict some people at DSS for the crimes they committed. The silence of the Commissioners, as well as calling me a “gossiper” is their only defense. And, it is their only defense. Any real effort by the commissioners to get the truth of anything is totally stymied by their contributions to the many and various violations of ethics and the law. What else can they say, except that everything Robert A. Williams write is just gossip? That is their only defense and they have to stick to it. Apparently forgetting to say that the recent Federal Court lawsuit against the County is against THEM; NOT ME.

Anything else I can say is that we voters need to make a clean-sweep of Commissioners Allen, Whetstine and Hutchins at the 2020 elections. And be sure that we elect people that will take action to make changes. Not just continue with the same-ole same-ole. Like the ALWS Baseball swindle of another $400,000 this year with probably more to come by August.

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