Anonymous Tip Says Investigate County Manager’s Pay!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

At 5:33 PM January 28, 2018 I received an anonymous call suggesting that I investigate changes in pay and job title of the newly appointed County Manager Brian Epley between July 1, 2017 to the present. Since I have already “smelled a rat” in the appointment of Jason Falls as the interim County Manager and Falls’ unnecessary (perhaps necessary for undisclosed and unsavory reasons) resignation as County Commissioner and Board of Trustee member at Cleveland Community College and requested public information that the Commissioners have yet refused to provide, I filed a new Freedom of Information Act and NC Public Records law request to the Cleveland County Commissioners for information on Jason Falls as well as former County Manager Jeff Richardson as well as present County Manager Brian Epley. This is an Election year for a majority of County Commissioners and the citizens of Cleveland County deserve to know what this crowd is up to.

The text of my request is noted below. This request was sent today to all Commissioners, The County Clerk, The County Attorney as well as the County Manager and Assistant County Manager. Any and all responses or lack of response will be reported to the people of Cleveland County. Again, this is an Election Year for a majority of the Cleveland County Commissioners and this is a valid and legal request for public records made in accordance with Federal and State law. It is the law that the Commissioners provide this information in a timely manner. If the Commissioner refuse to comply with the law they swore to uphold, the Commissioners need replacement. Is that a simple enough criteria???

Under the Freedom of Information Act as well as North Carolina Public Records Laws I am requesting the opportunity to inspect all records, documents, emails, financial accounting, minutes of meetings, minutes of closed meetings, employment contracts, etc. regarding employment and pay of County Managers Brian Epley, Jason Falls and Jeff Richardson from the periods between July 1, 2017 to the present.
Also, I am renewing my requests made January 17, 2018 as stated below that have not provided as requested.

Commissioners, Under the Freedom of Information Act as well as NC Public Records Laws please provide the following:
1. A copy of the employment Contract with the new County Manager Brian Epley.
2. The Minutes of the Special Called Meeting held January 8, 2018.
3. An accounting of all payments, benefits, etc. made to Jason Falls over the past six months.
4. An accounting of any and all future payments, benefits, etc. that will accrue to Jason Falls for the next six months.

Please schedule a time for a complete inspection of all the records noted above as soon as possible. Since these records are recent (and in part were requested about two weeks ago) a reasonable expectation of this inspection would be by 10:00 AM February 7, 2018.


Robert A. Williams

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