Animal Control Turns Cats Loose at Shooting Range– Then Shoots Them All !!!??? –Report by Robert A. Williams

Besides the news that alleged sexual misconduct that caused Health Department honcho Sam Lockridge to be placed on paid administrative leave, then Lockridge submits his resignation, I receive information from the husband of one of the women who filed complaints that Commissioner Johnny Hutchins hung around with Lockridge a lot and was almost as bad as Lockridge in offensive gutter talk to and about women. Then I get reports from four different sources that the animal control folks turned loose a bunch of cats at the shooting range and shoots them all. Basically using the cats as moving targets to practice on.

I also received information that all the women employees under Lockridge were interviewed by the County HR people and each was told “don’t talk about this to anybody else.”

It seems to me that all those folks that were afraid to speak out under Lockridge, Hutchins, HR and the rest of the County Commissioners have decided to make sure I am appraised of all the bad stuff going on around Cleveland County governmental agencies. Including CCC, DSS and CCS.

Every call I get thanks me for reporting the real news about what is really going on in Cleveland County. Our readership numbers have exploded. Somebody entered a comment on the Star’s FaceBook page to come to this website for the details and the Star deletes it within two hours. A local radio station has suggested his audience come to this website for the news of the goings on around Cleveland County. Even the anonymous letters I get coming out from CCS every now and then, telling me how sorry I am, that was mailed June 1, 2017 was addressed “RAW-The Bastion of Truth.”

However, I am not interested in personal praise or glory, I am interested in making the elected and appointed governmental leadership in Cleveland County, the State and the USA do what they are supposed to do. That’s where I get the name for this website-“Citizens For Good Government.”

Every article I publish is sent to the leaders I am writing about. This article will be sent to every County Commissioner before you are reading it. If you want to call your Commissioners about anything in my articles, don’t let them tell you they don’t know anything about it. They do know about it because I told them.

So, now the Commissioners know about the reports about Johnny Hutchins and animal control people, under Sam Lockridge, shooting cats at the shooting range. Let’s see what is done about this and the other scandals sweeping across Cleveland County. If not enough is done, us citizens can do for ourselves what needs to be done. Throw out the incumbent Commissioners at the next election. Eddie Holbrook, Jason Falls and Ronnie Whetstine are up for election in 2018. This is a majority. Three new commissioners can put an end to all these shenanigans going on.

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