Animal Control + County Landfill Account for 2,223.4 Tons of Dead Animals (Dogs, cats, livestock, deer parts, fowl and sludges) Between July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 According to Sam Lockridge!!!! This year’s report not in yet. –Report by Robert A. Williams

North Carolina Law requires solid waste landfills to file a yearly report on what goes into landfills. Sam Lockridge filled out last year’s report for the Cleveland County Landfill. A trusted source sent me this report that is shown at the end of this article.

Note that on the bottom of page 3 of the report is an accounting of Tax Exempt Tons for Expired Animals (Dogs, Cats, Livestock, Deer Parts, Fowl and Sludges) amounting to 2,223.4 tons. That equals 4,446,800 pounds.

If you scroll back to my last article regarding Animal Control turning loose cats at the shooting range and shooting them all, it appears the Animal Control and Landfill connection-Sam Lockridge supervises both-it appears the Cleveland County Commissioners have a lot of explaining to do. Are they turning loose dogs and shooting them too? Is this how they were able to pat themselves on the back for doing away with the animal gas chamber and crematorium? Why did the Commissioners turn over control of the Animal Control, the Landfill AND the Shooting Range to one person-Sam Lockridge with little to no accountability?

The biggest questions are how can anyone who likes animals vote for Eddie Holbrook, Susan Allen, Jason Falls, Johnny Hutchins and Ronnie Whetstine? Especially since they are paying Sam Lockridge while on administrative leave for other shenanigans. What does Sam Lockridge have on these Commissioners that kept Lockridge from being fired on the spot?

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