A Sex Scandal Reported at Cleveland Pines? or Not??? Report, investigation and conclusion by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following letter is exactly as I received it except I omitted race and revised the years of service to protect the identity of the person making this report.

August 24, 2017


I am an employee at Cleveland Pines in Shelby NC. We just had an employee that won employee of the month and She has not been here but a couple of months. She started in April 2017 and won the award for July 2017. I am a -(Race deleted)- woman who find it very odd that she should get an award within a couple of months that I have not received in my (More than 5 — less than 15) years working here and she is not even employed by Carolina’s Healthcare. This award is meant to be for Carolina’s Healthcare employees, not Aegis who she works for. I believe the sex scandal at Cleveland Community College is alive in other places in Cleveland County too!

(No name was provided)

I investigated this report and found that Cleveland Pines did indeed award an Employee of the Month to a relatively new “contract” person working for a company named Aegis, who specializes in providing therapists to Cleveland Pines. My investigation also disclosed that patients, families of patients and others can nominate any person for the Employee of the Month Award. Indeed, patients and patient’s families might not even know whether or not that employee is a contract person or a regular employee. They recognize a helpful staff member and make their nominations.

Cleveland Pines puts an emphasis on the Employee of the Month program, encourages participation and provides a nice prize for the winners. Sources indicate that there have been some previous “cheating” in the program that has caused Cleveland Pines to clamp down a bit on determining the winner. So called “WOW Cards” are filled out regarding the nominated persons and why they should be awarded the prize.

I could not find any indication that the Employee of the Month Award program at Cleveland Pines excludes “contract employees” from being awarded the prize as alleged. Also, I cannot determine from the anonymous letter above, nor from sources that there are sufficient indications of any sexual related influences regarding this particular person being awarded the Citizen of the Month prize at Cleveland Pines. It appears that the person making the allegation will just have to work harder to win this award in the future.

However, this letter is totally correct in the belief that sex scandals such as those at Cleveland Community College are alive in other places too. The Executive Vice President at CCC has just undergone lie detector testing regarding allegations of improper sexual activity. Results are in but the Board of Trustees have refused to inform me of the results-which, at this point, I would refuse to believe a word they say about it as well as their other biased investigations.

Cleveland County Schools are saturated with sex scandals. Presently two Democrat candidates for the School Board are well known for their sex-capades. School Board member Roger Harris has been associated with covering up for a female teacher who was caught having sex with a student while he was principal at Crest High School. Law Enforcement, The District Attorney’s Office, Judges, Commissioners, DSS, the Health Department, all, have their own instances of sex scandals and covering up for sex scandals.

And, more information regarding Cleveland Pines may very well turn up similar situations. But not just yet with the information that has been provided so far.

Stay tuned folks. All this stuff noted herein will not remain unspoken for much longer.

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