3 Dead Baby’s–Blood on the hands of the CC-D$$ ?? And Commissioners for taking So Long to do anything!! Sherlock Holmes on the scene to solve the mystery!!! And show 2020 Voters how to reach logical conclusions Conclusions by Sherlock Holmes, reported by Robert A. Williams

You don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of all the dead babies reported in the Shelby Star and the Gaston Gazette recently. And it seems the MO is all the same. Bad daddies and mamas on welfare. Drugs likely bought with food stamps. Then throw in multiple serious injuries to the babies over time. Bad injuries. Broken arms, broken ribs, liver damage, blunt force traumas, burns and the list goes on and on. Daddies go to jail (again) and often the mama gets off on probation or most often scot-free. And no-where does it mention DSS involvement BEFORE the baby is killed. Although NO doctor or medical institute anywhere (after the death of Jodice Peeler in the 1990’s) would NOT call the police and DSS when they treated the initial serious but non-fatal injuries.

This is where a Sherlock Holmes among readers would notice that obvious pattern to the Star and Gazette articles. The reported baby killing articles in the Star usually don’t say a word about doctors or first responders NOT calling DSS early enough so DSS could protect the children from that last fatal blow. And that is what DSS is there for. Right? RIGHT???

After noticing all of this, Sherlock Holmes would certainly be suspicious of the Cleveland County DSS Director resigning, and calling it retiring, while in the prime of her career. Followed closely by the Commissioners “firing” the DSS Board from their legal responsibility and taking it over themselves. But keeping on the DSS Board, who falsely claim they didn’t do anything wrong, in an advisory role only.

Editor’s Note:
Folks, the 2020 Elections, a Presidential Election Year, will surely bring out record voter turnouts for Cleveland County, North Carolina and the whole USA. Cleveland County will have the majority of county commissioners as well as the majority of school board members up for election. This 2020 elections, NEXT YEAR, represent a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn Cleveland County completely around. And all the present office holders know it and have already started indoctrinating voters with all the “feel good” press releases run through the Shelby Star. As well as the Star articles that leave out important news such as noted above.
We recommend all voters read the Star Articles (links provided below) with a critical eye on what is said and especially what is NOT said. Learn how to discover the truth from the deception and BS. Think with a critical and questioning attitude, just like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes would. Especially THINK, Remember and VOTE in the 2020 Elections. Think of 20-20 being the measure of a perfect eyesight. Make 2020 a perfect election year. You will be glad you did!!

Read the articles from The Shelby Star, here, here, here and here.

The Gaston Gazette article is here.

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