$20 Million Judgement Bankrupts Town-Taxes Skyrocket!!! Folks, I’ve been telling you so!!!! LOL!! Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This article is NOT part of my forthcoming article that I am in the process of putting together. THAT up-coming article that I gave readers a warning that reading THAT article would be hazardous to your health. To make sure your blood pressure and heart medicine prescriptions are filled and ready to use before you read THAT article. But, to give you a hint, this article is about the town of Westfall, Pennsylvania. THAT upcoming report is about Shelby and Cleveland County, North Carolina—HERE and NOW–and is around 250 times bigger than $20 million. Wrap your heads around that, if you can!!!

Folks, I have written many articles over the past several years about the City of Shelby’s discrimination and other civil rights violations against Mr. Willie Green. I have urged the City of Shelby to basically “straighten up and fly right.” Settle with Willie Green and get on with business in a fair and honest manner. Without going through all those details again, the City of Shelby officials have refused to do what is right and LEGAL. And find themselves embroiled in several lawsuits that Mr. Green has filed-and likely to file some more before this is over.

All this time I have predicted that when the dust settles on Mr. Green’s lawsuits the City of Shelby will lose and the SHELBY TAXPAYERS will end up “on the hook” for paying Mr. Willie Green’s compensatory damages, legal bills and punitive damages. Compensatory damages being all the expenses Mr. Green has incurred-which includes lost income and pain and suffering. Punitive damages are big fines that are imposed on the city for their malicious and perhaps criminal intent so the City won’t do those bad things again.

Some Shelby folks are going around calling me and Rev. Dante Murphy Willie Green “cohorts” and “unsavory characters.” For me, they also have gone around for a long time stating that I am “crazy” and a “liar.” That even if the City of Shelby did lose the lawsuits, Shelby’s insurance would pay and taxpayers would not ever have to pay a dime. Perhaps Rev. Murphy and myself will also file lawsuits against the City of Shelby, the Commissioners and perhaps others.

Just thinking about such things, I have done a bit of research. And ran across news about Federal Case Katz vs Township of Westfall (Pennsylvania). Looking over news about that case, I noticed a very, very, eerie similarity to the cases of Mr. Willie Green and the City of Shelby. That article is provided below for your convenience. Another article contained a statement that:

“Property taxes will skyrocket, some debt repayments will be pushed back, and the township will pay for water and sewer extensions to a planned private development under a comprehensive settlement of a developer’s lawsuit against Westfall Township.”

Anyway folks, I told you so. Keep on listening to those who tell you that I am crazy and a liar at your OWN risk!!!

The detailed article about the $20 Million Judgement is provided HERE: Be sure to notice the similarity to this lawsuit and the lawsuits filed against the City of Shelby by Mr. Willie Green.

Facing $20M judgment, town of Westfall, Pa. seeks bankruptcy _ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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