CCS Athletic Director gets drunk and KMHS Football Game!! Superintendent has to drive him home. Follow-Up from October 9th Article!! Rumor of High-Level Forced Resignation at CCS!!! To Cover-Up for very Bad Behavior??? Pass the Trash??? Nobody’s Talking!!! As Usual!! –Gossip Report by Robert A. Williams

This is a follow-up to my article published October 9, 2021, which is also included below.

I learned from a trusted source that Mr. Ronnie Funderburk, who was probably the Number 1 Person at Cleveland County Schools regarding sports and athletics was forced to “resign” immediately after getting intoxicated at a Kings Mountain Football Game. So drunk that Superintendent Dr. Stephen Fisher had to drive Mr. Funderburk home.

Note that getting “intoxicated on the job” was my number 2 guess on why a high-level person in Cleveland County School Administration would be abruptly forced to resign. I suspect that Mr. Funderburk’s intoxicated condition would have been covered-up unless he was seen by too many people in that condition at the football game. If you go back another month or two, you will find where Superintendent Fisher himself “showed his ass” at a Kings Mountain-Shelby football game at Kings Mountain HS. Right in the middle of the high dollar new football field. No punishment was levied by the Luke Queen-led school board against Fisher in that episode. NOBODY, but nobody at CCS is saying a word about either of these incidents.

In situations like this, you have to wonder. Was this a recurring occurrence of various offenses that broke the camel’s back? Or a one-time thing? I don’t know. But, somebody knows and is keeping it a secret.

The following was published on October 9, 2021.
Editor’s Note: Most people know by now that most Cleveland County governmental agencies practice the art of retaliation against those that reveal embarrassing information or criminal or unethical acts within the agency. Cleveland County Schools, having so many employees, administrators, staff, and teachers are especially egregious with their own brand of total retaliation that is generational in scope. That is why I take extreme steps to protect the identity of my trusted sources. That is also the reason I call this a “gossip report.” Even though I believe every word in this article is 100% accurate.

I have been told by multiple trusted sources that a very high level (some sports fans would say the highest level) member of the CCS Central Offices administration has abruptly resigned from Cleveland County Schools. And, that resignation has been given the highest level of silent treatment. Which usually indicates a cover-up of something serious.

Such abrupt resignations at mid-year are often the result of such indiscretions as listed below:
Failed the Random drug test.
Intoxicated on the job.
Theft or fraud of school property.
Sexual acts with students, perhaps resulting in pregnancy
Sexual acts with subordinate employees.
Illegal sexual acts such as rape, incest, or assault.
Sexual acts with a parent to show favoritism to the child.
Provided drugs to a student for sexual favors.
Willfully provided knowingly false information to law enforcement investigators.
Lied under Oath in CCS court proceedings lawsuits.
And, who knows what else.

This is all I can report at this point. Perhaps more information will come out at the School Board meeting this coming Monday, October 11, 2021. But, sooner or later this information will come out. It most always does. Many already know the details. I already know the name(s).

Stay tuned!!!

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Bill Balmer
1 month ago

So if Fisher followed him home then Fisher kowniingly allowed him to drive drunk and put others lives in danger. This IS aiding and abetting DWI. This is a criminal act and Fisher needs to be charged and locked up ASAP.