Write-In Commissioner Candidate Willie Green In the Lead, Withdraws because of Potential Conflict of Interest!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Write-In Candidate for Commissioner Willie Green made a surprise announcement at Tuesday’s Commissioner’s Debate sponsored by People for a Stronger Cleveland County. As the Debate was set to begin, Mr. Green, widely believed to be the leader in this 2018 Election for Commissioners and who has scared the pants off incumbent Commissioner Eddie Holbrook, asked for the opportunity to make an announcement. Mr. Green was allowed to make his announcement. Mr. Green stated that, upon advice from the Institute of Government as well as his own attorney, that if he was elected, his proposal to provide a “Sports Complex” in a Public-Private Partnership with Cleveland County would represent a conflict of interest.

Instead of just ignoring such a conflict as many in elected office in Cleveland County already have, with no fear of prosecution, Mr. Green decided to do the lawful, honest and honorable thing and withdraw from the Commissioner’s race. In hope that his honorable action would prompt a dialog among the citizens of Cleveland County who will require that every other official with a conflict of interest also resign from the office that caused the conflict. Or else require the criminal prosecution that such conflicts of interest are supposed to have.

Mr. Green stated emphatically that he despises the lack of transparency (cover-up) in government that accompany’s conflicts of interests and that he had no intention of becoming what he despises. If every elected office holder in Cleveland County thought that way, I could just put away my pen and find another hobby besides exposing corruption.

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