Willie Green Comments On the Need for the City of Shelby to step up and support the new proposed Shelby Sports Academy!!! $100 Reward Offered!!! Report, opinion and reward offered by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following comment from Mr. Green is in regard to an article I posted yesterday. I would suggest all readers go back and re-read that article for information on how to make contributions.

Robert – My request for the Shelby Mayor & City Council as well as the Community Leaders to financially support the building of the sports facility is not just tongue in cheek.

My position has always been, I don’t care who does it, or gets credit for doing it, just do it. 

The kids in that community need an indoor sports facility and the city needs a facility to host travel ball events for an economic impact purpose.

I pray that Mr. Hosch gets the financial support he needs for his sports facility.

Willie A. Green, Sr.

Editor’s Note, Part II: In my humble opinion, and close and long observation, the City of Shelby is NOT very likely to financially support an idea brought forth by any black man regarding a Sports Facility in Shelby, NC. Or a White man either. Unless there are some large cash transfers occur, under the table, to them in the process. It’s an old and corrupt Shelby and City of Shelby practice that remains strong, and unbroken, to this very day. No matter how many civil rights laws get passed and no matter how many State and Federal investigations are conducted, nobody is ever prosecuted or punished in any way for their discriminatory actions that are in clear violation of the law. I offer a $100 Reward to the first person who can show me just one instance where civil rights laws were properly enforced and an elected offender in the City of Shelby and Cleveland County government was prosecuted and punished.

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