“Willie Green a Muslim and a Loan Shark” ??? “Smear tactics (are) used when corruption is challenged.” Comment forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Baptist Minister Rev. Dante Murphy sent this comment to me regarding a recent article I wrote that contained false allegations made to me that Commissioner Write-In Candidate Willie Green is a Muslim and a Loan Shark. Rev. Murphy ministered to the Willie Green family for years and I consider him as an expert witness. The message below as well as the City of Shelby Letter regarding Willie Green backs up Rev. Murphy’s statement that smear tactics are used when corruption is challenged.

From: Dante’ Murphy

To: Robert A. Williams


I, along with many other pastors and African Americans, am deeply disturbed by comments made by a staunch supporter of Commissioner Eddie Holbrook during your visit to the fair. I am personally aware of the smear tactics used when corruption is challenged. The attached letter and derogatory statements by Mr. Holbrook’s camp deeming Mr. Green as a “lone shark” and a “Muslim” is substantial evidence of a county wide effort to discredit the efforts of a former NFL football player to give back to the community. The attached correspondence that is now in circulation depicts Mr. Green in the same light as the comments made by Mr. Holbrook’s supporter-a criminal and being broke. We have concluded that the statements in the attached correspondence has no corroborating evidence as we were under the assumption that a formal process would take place regarding Holly Oak Park. In that the process never took place it seems improbable that the conclusions outlined in the attached letter are credible. We do note that it is possible that the city gained illegal access to Mr. Green’s bank records and other confidential information which would have yielded the basis for the conclusions reached in the attached letter. In either case, city and county governments appear united in their efforts to promote a smear campaign against a viable candidate.

Mr. Holbrook’s supporter’s reference to Mr. Green as a being a Muslim is 99.9% false based on what I experienced over the years with Mr. Green personally and professionally. Unless there is a fraction of Mr. Green’s religiosity that he concealed during my dealings with him, this issue of him being a Muslim should be considered false and put to rest.

Citizens of Cleveland County should be proud of the government workers in both the city and county who are now standing up against corruption and wrongdoing. The documents and information provided are helpful in making supervisors, managers, and department heads think twice before engaging in unethical or illegal acts. Minority pastors and community leaders should also be commended for their efforts in rebuking plantation politics and promoting diversity and fairness in government practices.

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