Who won last week’s “Liar’s Poker” Contest??? School Board vs Cleveland Community College BoT vs City of Shelby?? City of Shelby vs Shelby Star??? YOU Decide!!! – Two $100 Rewards Offered!!! Report and Reward provided by Robert A. Williams

Monday, March 9, 2020 we had a Cleveland County School Board Meeting. Tuesday, March 10, 2020 we had a Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee Meeting as well as a Court Date for the City of Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony as well as Councilperson Violet Dukes. With perhaps more lawsuits on the way. Lots of Courts, lawyers and politicking going on. A large dose of Crooks and Liars trying to out-do one another with bigger and bigger lies. Read on!!

Monday-The School Board Meeting:
(Note that the surprise resignation of School Board Member Jeff Jones was covered by a previous article. The surprise being, what took Jones so long??)

As is often the case at school board meetings, Chairperson Shearra Miller, Vice Chair Richard Hooker and Member Roger Harris are the “Designated Crooks” and Superintendent Stephen Fisher is the “Designated Liar.” Monday’s meeting was no exception. As usual, Miller got the “illegal” minutes of the previous meeting approved as well as failed in her task of trying to shut-down Board Member Danny Blanton. Miller did succeed in shutting down most of the public participation speakers with her usual “Your Time is up.” While never paying proper attention to the issues and suggestions that the speakers were speaking about. Often very serious issues. Just as often-valid suggestions. More often to almost always just letting the words go in one ear and out the other ear-hitting no brain cells in-between.

We are getting straight to the point here. This school board meeting was taped and available as a Broadcast on the CCS Website. This is the link.
During this meeting Board member Danny Blanton asked a number of very logical and common-sense questions. Every time Superintendent Stephen Fisher would jump in with “maybe this” or “maybe that” answers. Never once making any sense or providing known factual information. But, don’t believe me. Watch the video for yourself. I am offering a prize of a brand new, crisp $100 bill to the first person that can show a fact checkable and correct answer that Superintendent Fisher gave in any of his answers to Board Member Danny Blanton’s questions!!! No questions asked and no limitations on who can enter the contest. In fact, the other School Board members are eligible for this contest. Indeed, they voted to uphold Fisher’s stupid answers. A sure sign of their own duplicity and stupidity.

Hey Roger Harris, Richard Hooker and Shearra Miller. I’m talking to you. And laughing AT YOU!!! If you can’t win this contest, you should resign from office just like Jeff Jones did. NOW and forever! Just disappear without a trace.

And, what about the John Doe lawsuit against CCS where the School Board surrendered without a fight. John Doe, the girl who wants to be a boy won against CCS because the School Board surrendered and violates state law every school day. About the only thing the School Board has lied more about is the phony $3 Million lawsuit against the Sheriff. Even counting the School Board lies about the John Doe lawsuit not being a lawsuit and the School Board claiming that their lawyers will not becharging them for the phony legal stuff going on. Yeah, Right. High Dollar lawyers that work for free. (Wait until you hear the same thing from the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! Tall tales, deception and gaslighting abound from everybody in this article.)

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1 comment for “Who won last week’s “Liar’s Poker” Contest??? School Board vs Cleveland Community College BoT vs City of Shelby?? City of Shelby vs Shelby Star??? YOU Decide!!! – Two $100 Rewards Offered!!! Report and Reward provided by Robert A. Williams

  1. March 17, 2020 at 7:17 pm

    The School Board won because they have moved the Socialist Education Indoctrination forward, they moved Gender Fluidity forward and worst of all they have taught 50% of the students to read at the 8th grade level which will keep the low income inhabitats ball rolling. Also, they were able to keep their CEO SU – perintendent.

    CCC won because they will continue to have students who enroll to finish the 11th and 12th grade at their institution. They will also be able to write Certification Chits to graduates who may find employment here, but most likely not. If I was a young man, I would be the first to add my name to the Bicycle Maintenance class. Go YETIS.

    The City won because they have so far established that They Have a Club and Willy ain’t in it. I stopped by my favorite watering hole to drink me a Corona to vaccinate myself from the Coronavirus, It was closed. The City have been hell bent to build a eat, drink, and be merry uptown, maybe they will bail out the eat, drink and be merry business’s with bicycle money, or subsidize the folks who move into the empty buildings. Is it not wonderful to be in the City of Pleasant Living ? Build it and they will come, NO we the taxpayer will pay on it, so will our children and grandchildren.

    The Commissioners will continue to commission.

    Let’s fix this in November, if we have an election.


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