Wanted: Ethical Cleveland Community College Board Members, Professors, Administration and Staff, as well as School Board Members, Teachers, Administration, Staff and Members of the Public Who Would Provide Truthful Information regarding the Dual Enrollment Program and other Problem Issues at CCC, CCS or Cleveland County Commissioners on a Guaranteed Confidential Identity Basis!!! —Request by Robert A. Williams

Folks, the Cleveland Community College, Cleveland County Board of Education (schools) and Commissioner scandals are talked about not only all over Cleveland County , but in surrounding counties, and states. Even in Raleigh. So far the Community College Board of Trustees, School Board, Commissioners and the Star are covering up and hunkering down just waiting for this to blow over. This MO has always worked in the past.

But the word I am getting is many are aware of the problems and are disgusted. They want the truth to come out sufficient to make the so called leadership in Cleveland County do something and do something immediately, but, are afraid for their jobs.

I have a remedy for that. Contact me with your truthful information, emails, records, documents or statements. I will keep your identity confidential and get the truth out for all to see. Especially the NC General Assembly, the NC Governor and Attorney General, the FBI, SBI, State Officials, Federal Officials and the other bureaucrats in Raleigh and elsewhere. They are already reading my articles.

My contact information is:

Robert A. Williams
PO Box 428
Fallston, NC 28042



If you want, I can meet you somewhere. Perhaps at the Sheriff’s Office.

Do your ethical and civic duty and provide your information. That will be the only way the mess in Cleveland County will ever be straightened out.

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