US Department of Justice Subpoenas over 20 Million Voting related Records in North Carolina–44 Counties involved–19 already Charged with felony Voter Fraud!! Commissioner Candidate Eddie Holbrook Caught Red Handed, Again!! It’s About Time Election Laws were Enforced!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

This is Breaking News!! The United States Department of Justice has issue subpoenas for over 20 Million voting related documents from the State of North Carolina. Forty four Eastern counties are involved with this voter fraud crackdown as well as statewide voter registration information. 19 illegals have been charges with felony crimes for registering to vote and for voting while they were not citizens of the USA. As of now, there is no information available whether or not Cleveland County is involved in this DOJ crackdown or to what degree. But the Democrats are already squalling and bawling. More news about this is expected tomorrow.

And then, there is the never ending string of election law violations swirling around Commissioner Chairman and candidate for reelection Eddie Holbrook. More breaking news from today, September 6, 2018.

Election year political campaigning on public school property is illegal. But, Eddie Holbrook must think he is above the law. Aided and abetted by CCS, the School Board and Shelby High School. But don’t believe me or expect a long and dragged out explanation when a picture is worth a thousand words.

Below you will find several pictures of a Eddie Holbrook for Commissioner campaign sign assembly and distribution area located on Shelby High School Property, down at the Baseball field near the ticket office. I took these pictures myself in front of many witnesses. One witness being Eddie Holbrook himself, who drove by as I was taking pictures from various angles. Mr. Holbrook made a U-Turn and just kept on driving. I am sure he didn’t want to answer any of MY questions, but he certainly cannot claim that he didn’t know what was going on. As he usually does.

The following pictures clearly show that Commissioner Eddie Holbrook is illegally using Cleveland County School Property for his own personal re-election campaign use. The last two pictures show Eddie Holbrook Campaign signs mounted on wooden frames previously used in other Eddie Holbrook campaigns as well as for American Legion World Series advertisement posters. Which would only be legal if Holbrook’s campaign financial reports properly identify his in-kind contributions from ALWS. The use of CCS school property for Eddie Holbrook’s own personnel campaign use is illegal no matter how it is accounted. It is also illegal for CCS to make such illegal in-kind contributions to Eddie Holbrook’s political campaign.

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A source hit the nail on the head when he said “Does Eddie Holbrook own the Shelby High School Baseball Field? If not, has his campaign contracted with the school store his campaign materials? I’ve heard the school grounds are off limits for campaigning.”

A scheme between two or more entities to violate the law is defined as a conspiracy. A conspiracy is a felony even if the underlying crime is only a misdemeanor. So, Commissioner Eddie Holbrook is an unindicted felon. The School Board and ALWS are too.

Also, Sheriff Alan Norman’s Class I Misdemeanor (illegal) billboard issue has not been adjudicated by a competent judicial official in a proper legal procedural setting. No wonder a revolving door at the Courthouse keeps crimes such as drug dealing, larceny and probation violations expanding in an exponential rate. Not only is the population of common criminals expanding, but so is the population of Election law violators in our elected officials.

Criminal justice has to start somewhere. Only election law violations can be stopped by voting out the crooks in elected office. So, that is where justice must start. Or, folks, when you get robbed, it is just as likely that Commissioner Eddie Holbrook is unfairly raising your taxes as it is that Jeremy Grayson and Wesley Austin are stealing your brand new riding lawnmowers out of your garage while you re at the grocery store. Or asleep at night as I was.

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