Unprecedented Eight-Way Tie in the 2019 National Spelling Bee!! Sexual & Racial Makeup of winners raises questions for Public Education—The unintended consequences of _Political Correctness!! Report and questions by Robert A. Williams

It is Friday Morning May 31, 2019, and I am watching CBS TV News. A national story pops up about the National Spelling Bee having an eight-way tie for the winner. The sexual and racial make-up of the eight winners (of 562 contestants) immediately caught my eye. One white girl, one Asian girl and six Asian boys. No white boys and no black boys or girls.

I immediately remembered some Close the Gap data buried deep in Cleveland County Schools on-line records. This data showing that not only had the Gap NOT been closed between white and black students, but a NEW gap had opened up between Asian and white students. Note that these records and data are never discussed at CCS school board meetings. Also note that there are suspicions that CCS and other Public Education facilities have been accused of “dumbing-down” their curricula to bring down white student scores to help close the gap between white and black students. Which certainly allowed the new gap between white and Asian students to open-up as CCS records clearly show. And as the winners of the National Spelling Bee have confirmed.

After thinking about this for a moment, it becomes obvious that the “political correctness” as embraced by the liberals that have taken over the educational system at the national and state levels in the USA has unintended consequences.

It also becomes obvious that the failed thinking that brought out such gimmicks such as the Math Academy and the Communities in Schools, and “dumbed down” classes has come home to roost. Our public education system is failing for both white and black students. And will continue to fail as nobody seems to be noticing the clear and obvious indicators that something is wrong. Bad wrong as other data and records at CCS indicate that 46% of graduating students cannot read and do math at proficient levels. Almost half of our students are not prepared with a sufficient education to compete in todays society. And CCS won’t even talk about it. How they have cheated half of our students and ALL of us taxpayers out of an efficient, cost effective and successful educational system for our children.

So, what to do??? I would suggest we ALL open our eyes and study how it is that our Asian students are doing so much better in school. Is it because they are just flat out smarter than the rest of us or is it something else? If the Asian Students are smarter that the rest of us, do we dumb down their classes to even things up? Or if it is something else, do we identify it and apply those lessons to all our students? I would recommend the latter.

But the fact is we can’t depend on CCS to do anything useful in closing any kind of gap between student achievement. Why do I say that? Because they neve have. Especially, with the school boards we have now. And it is2020 before the next school board elections. So, we must remember that School Board members Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris, Joe Boggs and Jeff Jones need to go in 2020 and we have to recruit and elect replacements who will face the facts and do something about our failure to properly educate all our students at CCS.

1 comment for “Unprecedented Eight-Way Tie in the 2019 National Spelling Bee!! Sexual & Racial Makeup of winners raises questions for Public Education—The unintended consequences of _Political Correctness!! Report and questions by Robert A. Williams

  1. Bill Gray
    June 4, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    If there is one thing, just one thing, that you need to learn about our fool system, this is it !


    This is THE gap filler. Your child will be, influenced to accept the Global Homo Agenda , Open Borders, Climate Change, etc,etc,etc. This is what the progressive liberals that run this County want for your children. Wake up people, these people are stealing your children and destroying our Republic. Let’s start meeting and talking now. The majority of us are not sucklings at one of the County or State money tits. Let’s kick these parasites out. 2020 can be the year to change ” Our Place Cleveland County “. I better stop here, before I get to excited.

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