Un-Civil War Among Republicans, Mutiny by Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees causing Total Collapse of the Rule of Law in State and County Governmental Agencies!!! CCC BoTs Refuse to Abide by State Law and Commissioner Appointments at July 13th 2021 BoT Meeting!!! Know-Nothing Commissioners Surrender in First Skirmish??? Lies and crooked acts from All quarters!!!! Report, facts gossip, rhetorical hyperbole and conclusions by Robert A. Williams

What I found on page 3 of the documents was this:

The new Campus Master Plan Study for Cleveland Community College (CCC) studies the existing campus and explores various growth strategies for the College. The Master Plan provides a guide for the development of the CCC campus. The strength of the Master Plan will be dependent upon:

1. A collaborative design process that is responsive to the vision of the College.
2. Establishing a clearly defined strategy for short-term growth that also remains flexible for long-term growth possibilities.
3. An effective existing building and site study that helps to prioritize a maintenance plan for the College.
4. Implementing design strategies that improve the overall campus identity.

All this barely touching on what I expected

What the CCC Campus 10 Year Master Plan actually contained after page 3 was many referrals to the Community College’s VISION. Which was never ever explained.

What was described in detail were descriptions, pictures and conceptual drawings that showed a new Student Affairs Center. A new Pedestrian Promenade. New signs and entrances to CCC. New athletic facilities including a fancy new Baseball Field and a newly constructed softball fields alongside with parking, Facilities to support the athletic field. Moving the College’s Maintenance building. Renovations to the college library. A campus “Quad.” And always new classrooms, beyond the new “Advanced Technology Center” that already provides new classrooms when there are plenty of existing unused classrooms. The new Advanced Technology Center is already under construction across the road from the Fair’s Racetrack and next to property owned by others. Which the new Campus 10 Year Plan says CCC will eventually purchase.

When the meeting was adjourned at noon sharp and the BoT members headed to their “Other Room” for a catered lunch, I decided take a self-guided tour of the new Advanced Technology Center (AMC) and the ball field construction while everybody was out to lunch. It was relatively warm but not too hot. It was a perfect opportunity. Since I have been around lots of major construction in my time, I saw nothing that I have not seen before. The AMC foundation and support columns appear to be poured and mostly complete, Overall, I would estimate close to 10% of the overall AMC Construction work has been done. Experience tells me that foundations and structural work goes fast and the finish work, inside and outside goes exceedingly slow to casual observers. The Ball fields work is in progress.

Nowhere in the Campus 10 Year Master Plan could I find any credible evidence that the effective training of the students to match the needs of local industries was ever determined or considered in anything in the Campus 10 Year Master Plan, The value I place on this document is based on the scrap value of the paper it night be printed on. Which is pretty close to nothing.

Stay tuned folks! It appears that Robert “Luke” Queen has set off even another set of enemies in his settlement of the sale of the Old North Shelby School to his cohort Rev. Dr. M. Lamont Littlejohn and the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. Luke seems to have a King Midas Touch-IN REVERSE. Instead of turning what he touches to gold, the things that Luke Queen touches seem to be turning into uhhh!!! “Sewage” might be the politically correct word here.

Also, please excuse the length of this article and any misspellings. I tried to make this as short as possible and still adequately describe the important things that are going on.

More later.

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