Two-Year Old Shot in Lawndale Drive by Shooting!!! Another Black on Black Incident coming out of Shelby??? Drug Related??? Report, arguendo and guessing by Robert A. Williams

Charlotte TV News (the Shelby Star must be sleeping) reports that a two-year old boy was shot early Mother’s Day morning inside his home on Douglas Street in Lawndale. The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department is treating the incident as a drive by shooting. The boy was air-lifted to a hospital in Charlotte in serious condition.

As most everybody in Upper Cleveland County knows, a street address of “Lawndale” includes all of Upper Cleveland County. Douglas Street, near the Town of Lawndale, is the location of the Old Douglas High School, a former “black” high school that is now a part of the First Baptist Church of Lawndale. That particular area is also known to be infested with drugs.

When you put the pieces of the puzzle together on this, the best guess is that a rival gang from Shelby travelled by car to Douglas Street in Lawndale and opened fire. A stray bullet penetrating the house, hitting the two-year old boy. Very similar to what happened in Shelby just a few days ago. It could be that the bad boys from Lawndale came to Shelby and fired those shots that hit the little 8-month old girl in bed asleep and the Shelby bad boys travelled to Lawndale to return the favor.

What this means, of course, is an escalation of hostilities that is spilling over outside of Shelby-where teen crime, shooting and murder is increasing exponentially. Mostly all because the teens, black teens, don’t have anything else to do. And the Shelby Mayor and City council, County Commissioners too, refuse to support Willie Green’s Sports Complex proposal. Even though the Shelby 10-Year Masterplan calls for just such a thing for the very same reason. The fools on the Cleveland County School Board also followed suit with the fools on the Shelby City Council and the County Commissioners by refusing to sell the old North Shelby School property to Mr. Green.

Now the old North Shelby School property is standing empty and wasting away by vandalism to nothing of value. All because Shelby and Cleveland County leadership is full of dirty politics and discrimination.

Things are likely to get worse, much worse, before they ever get better. WAKE UP CLEVELAND COUNTY!!! Those stray bullets will one day hit you or YOUR children.

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