Two Registered Sex Offenders Attend School Function with CCS Permission!!! –Neither Sheriff’s Department nor School Board Notified in Advance!!!– School Board Policies Violated!!! CCS Cover-up Mode in Progress! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Sources have informed us that two registered sex offenders requested permission from CCS to attend a school function and Superintendent Stephan Fisher granted them permission. Fisher allegedly did not notify the School Board nor the Sheriff’s Department about granting such permission.

School policies allow such attendance in special circumstances but require escorts for each registered sex offender from the moment they arrive on school property to the moment they leave school property. But confusion amongst CCS resulted in the sex offenders not being escorted and one sex offender not being properly identified.

Then, when witnesses who learned that sex offenders were on school property and made a report, CCS allegedly blamed the Sheriff’s Department by saying that the Sheriff’s Department was required to provide escorts for sex offenders on school property.

Folks, this is a mess that is being covered up by CCS and the School Board. It is like the Sheriff’s Department is tasked with keeping track of sex offenders but the schools Superintendent knowingly allows sex offenders on school property but doesn’t tell anyone about it.

It is obvious that CCS is out of control and the School Board members, except Danny Blanton, act like a bunch of ostriches by sticking their heads under the sand. Then claim they don’t know anything about it and then deny that anything happened because they refused to know anything about it. School Board Chairman Phillip “Bully” Glover, so quick to tell you that everything is going well at CCS under his leadership is totally silent in this matter.

Well, this is an Election Year for the School Board and four seats are up for election.

We recommend voting for Danny Blanton, Robert Queen, Kevin Whisnant and Rodney Fitch on November 7, 2017. These four would work to get a Superintendent who does a proper job (as well as everybody else) and make the whole CCS transparent.

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