Truth Dribbling out About the Two Teachers Fired from CCS!!! Lots of corruption–Lots of Racism- Lots of Cover-up!!! I smell a rat article by Robert A. Williams

I have a picture copy of the school incident report that names names. According to the school report a four year old black boy was the subject of an “inappropriate disciplinary response” from a teacher that was witnessed and reported by other parents that were present. Reportedly two teachers or a teacher and a teacher’s aid were “fired” (by being forced to resign) because of this incident. The boy also came home from school that day with bruises on his face but the mother was not notified of the incident until 10 days or so later when the bruises had dissipated and at the time she thought the bruises must have come came from rough play or something else benign that four year old boys tend to get involved with.

The child’s mother, when notified by CCS, reported the incident to the Shelby Police Department and SPD made an investigation and filed a report that minimized the incident. Names are redacted in the SPD report. Also the District Attorney “Declined to prosecute” the matter.

There is more information, to my understanding, from sources that indicates other higher ups at CCS and maybe the DA too should be fired because of the cover-up. And if history is any guide, cover-ups typically go all the way to the top. No employee is going to egregious unless the boss approves.

The child’s mother just had a baby and was hospitalized because of complications. I intend to talk to her more when she is well enough. I will scan and copy the School report as well as the SPD report when I take the notion. There is more info to be had so I will wait on that. Also, the next CCS school board meeting personnel report should show these teachers who “resigned.” But that report will likely be “doctored” by then. I will be looking for that too.

On a broader front, the school in question, James Love Elementary School, is a “failing school” with a high proportion of black students. The new North Shelby School Project (handicapped kids) is being constructed at James Love largely, I believe, to change the scoring category of James Love so the failing grades at James Love do not count like other schools do. Also, I understand school buses from different schools overlap with James Love students. The black kids on the bus routes get sent to failing James Love. White kids on the bus route get bussed to schools somewhere else.

Lots of racism appears to be involved here. Likely involvement of “Plantation Politics” from the Massa Eddie School of dirty tricks. Same MO anyway. Been going on for 100 years.

Stay Tuned. You won’t get this news anywhere else.

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Jewell Melton

My child was in this class & I had no clue that any of this was takin place… I never recieved a letter or anything I’m very concerned and worried for my child safety in James Love… I need answer