Top 50 Public “Smartest” High Schools in USA for 2019!!! Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

All Cleveland County Schools missed the boat on this list. North Carolina only scored a few. Mississippi and South Carolina beat the pants off of Cleveland County.

The Top North Carolina Public School was the Raleigh Charter School at Number 29,

The Trinity Academy, a private Christian School in Raleigh was listed between No 6 and 7 but is a private school and was not counted in the scoring.

The Early College at Guilford was 33. There is no comparison between the Early High School in Cleveland County and this top quality school.

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science was ranked Number 6.

South Carolina had several schools on the list.

Academic Magnet High School in Charleston was Number 40.

Governor’s School for Math and Science in Hartsville was Number 46.

Source: NICHE


1. If a Cleveland County Public School is ever to make the top 50 list it will be Pinnacle Classical Academy as their School Board is made up by responsible people.

2. Cleveland County Schools will never improve it’s score as long as Roger “Low-Down” Harris, Jo Boggs, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Jeff Jones are on the School Board.

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