They want to defund the Police???  –Are people stupid or WHAT???– –Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

The Shelby Daily Liar, I mean STAR-the great authority on everything-published two articles about violence, shooting, killing, injury and death this very day. One dead and 11 injured in Minneapolis. Two dead and 11 injured in Charlotte at a “block party.” And there are lots of people running around the old Court Square in Shelby and other places and they want police departments defunded??? No Star reporter was on the scene in either Minneapolis or Charlotte.


Shelby Star-Article 1 starts off like this:

“MINNEAPOLIS — One man is dead and 11 people suffered non-life-threatening wounds in a shooting in Minneapolis, police there said early Sunday.


Shelby Star-Article 2 dead Headline says “12 Injured at Charlotte Block Party”

This article in part, says “Charlotte City Councilman Malcolm Graham, who serves the second district where the shooting happened, said Monday morning the area has made so much progress and this entire incident really saddens him. (So much for progress.)


“This does not define us, but is certainly something very tragic,” Graham said. “What happened last night in the city and on that corner, which has a history of being self-sufficient, a lot of good work going on by neighborhood leaders and organizations. Last night certainly won’t define who we are, but certainly it is giving cause for concern about how we conduct ourselves.” (Is that an understatement or what?)


A bit of research on Charlotte Council member Malcolm Graham turned up this:


Malcolm Graham-District 2 representative-Charlotte

Malcolm Graham is an experienced businessman, dedicated public servant and powerful public speaker, especially on the topics of race and discrimination, community, and common-sense gun laws. He is a Charleston, S.C. native who has lived and worked in Charlotte, N.C. for more than 30 years. Malcolm is the brother of Cynthia Graham Hurd, one of the nine victims of the June 2015 Emanuel AME church shootings.

When he lost his sister in a national tragedy, Malcolm responded by traveling the country speaking to communities about overcoming hatred. He and his siblings founded the Cynthia Graham Hurd Foundation for Literacy and Civic Engagement to honor their sister. The Foundation advocates for the expansion of literacy and availability of books in the Charleston community.

Malcolm believes that our economy is stronger when more North Carolinians have an opportunity to participate in it. He has held positions committed to fostering diversity & inclusion at the Carolinas Minority Supplier Development Councils, Inc, Bank of America, Time Warner Cable and Bovis Lend Lease.

As Special Assistant to the President for Government & Community Engagement at Johnson C. Smith University, Malcolm led a multi-sector group that oversaw development and construction of the Street Car Project, Mosaic Village, The Arts Factory, and Passing Through Lights, a public arts project.

Malcolm represented district 4 on the Charlotte City Council from 1999-2005 and represented district 40 in the North Carolina State Senate 2005-2015, serving as chairman of the Mecklenburg Delegation from 2013-2015. Graham returned backed to the Charlotte City Council in 2019.

Even Malcolm’s “day job” is community centric. He is president of The Center for Supplier Diversity, a company he founded in 2000 and that helps corporations looking to do business with minority-owned small businesses in the community.



So, now Charlotte Councilman Malcolm Graham is “sad” because the people who actually live in his district did NOT listen to his suggestions, get themselves educated, find jobs and stay home at night with their families. If you read closely the text above about Councilman Malcolm Graham, it appears Mr. Graham was too busy hob-knobbing with the big-money people on one hand and promising his constituents more free stuff that he had no intention of delivering on the other hand.


Go read those two articles in the Star and decide for yourself if you want to defund the Police. As for me, I am all-in on reforming every governmental agency in Cleveland County, including the Police, to make them accountable, transparent and honest. I have no use for any governmental agency that is corrupt, inefficient and dishonest. And I say to everyone, “YOU are either part of the solution or YOU are a part of the problem.” I follow that up with “It is NOT what you SAY, it is what YOU DO that counts!!!


That is why I urge voters to Single-Shot PROTEST vote for Shawn Murphy for County Commissioner and Vote for Robert Queen, Ron Humphries, Joel Shores, Rodney Fitch and Samantha Davis for the School Board in the 2020 November Elections to change that organization.

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