The Star keeps Voters in the Dark about Democrat Candidates!!!– Democrat School Board Primary Election has started –Report by Robert A. Williams

Have you wasted your time reading the two silly Q&A articles the Dark Star has written about the six Democrat candidates in the Democrat Primary Election for the School Board? They asked three stupid questions that don’t matter much and had no fact checking for any of the answers.

The three stupid questions were:
1. Why are you running for the School Board?
2. What is the biggest issue currently facing the board?
3. What will you bring to the board?

We have updated our previously provided information regarding the six Democrat Candidates and again list them from worst to best. The worst candidates are at the top of this list and they get better as we go down the list.

I have to again say. “WOW!!! at the gall of some of these candidates for even filing for public office. No wonder Cleveland County education is in such bad shape.”

The worst Democrat Candidates are at the top of this list. The September 12th Primary Election only allow us to eliminate two.

1. Phillip “Bully” Glover: (Refused to participate in TEA Party Forum.)

Bully Glover is the Present Chairman of the CCS School Board and personally and directly assisted in the appointment of all four of the present CCC Board of Trustee CCS appointed members. Those members are Lamont Littlejohn, Chris Turner, Larry Hamrick and Allen Langley. These are solid votes for Gridlock on the CCC Board of Trustees.

I gave Glover the nickname “Bully” after watching him closely for the past four years at School Board meetings. Ask the women who spoke at the last school board meeting where Bully had a uniformed Shelby Police Officer remove them from the building. Better yet, go back and watch that meeting video on the CCS website. Watch for yourself what happens if you happen to disagree with Bully Glover.

Then, Bully gets mad that Rev. Rit Variale of the Elizabeth Baptist Church supported Prayer at School Board meetings, so Bully rushes out to his kids school in a huff and pulls his kid from Mrs. Shannon Variale’s class. (A blatant abuse of power that gets covered up.) Six hundred people start showing up at school board meetings right before an election and Bully has to let Prayer into board meetings so his buddies can get themselves re-elected and keep him on as Chairman.

Then Bully pulls a fast one and gets the New North Shelby School Project approved without letting the Board consider any other location options. A bad decision that cost taxpayers $16 million-$6 million over budget. Spending good money after bad on a project that was not even needed. (Shelby Middle School and other locations had sufficient empty space to include the entire North Shelby students population (less than 80) without building a new school. And have plenty of room left over.

Then, there is the turnover of teachers, principals and others who are tired of being afraid all the time for their jobs if they bring up problems or don’t show enough “support” for Bully, the school board, the Superintendent and their flunkies. My understanding is three principals and a few teachers have resigned in the past ten days to take jobs in Rutherford County. Bully and his buds are fine with that. That leaves more room to hire someone else who will do what they say and keep their mouths shut. It doesn’t matter whether or not they can contribute to the education of our children. Ask Bully about the high turnover rates and see what kind of bull you get from Bully.

Oh yeah, Auditoriums for Burns and Crest High Schools. Bully pulls a publicity stunt by pushing new auditoriums at 50 year old Burns and Crest High Schools knowing there is no money to do so and that the County had to put up the new Health Department in a pawn shop loan deal to get the money for the new and unnecessary North Shelby School Project. Bully is pulling another publicity stunt by calling a School Board meeting for Monday August 14, 2017 at 6:00 PM at the James Love School Media Center. The Official CCS schedule for Board meetings show no meetings on this day. The agenda has one item-a closed session to approve student transfers. The real reason is to hold a tour and photo op of the new North Shelby School Project construction, apparently trying to mimic the real success of the Pinnacle Classical Academy Ribbon Cutting Celebration. Word is watch out for Grand Canyon type cliff on the backside of the new North Shelby project that needs another million+ dollars worth of dirt to level out. What a waste.

Bully Glover either has directed CCS Administration or simply allows them, under his protection, to not provide public documents to be reviewed as required by state law when the records are properly requested. One must ask, what does Bully Glover and CCS have to hide? One must also ask who needs an elected official who covers up information and refuses to allow the public access to the documents that they own?

Also, there is the matter of Bully and a conflict of interest with him serving on the School Board. Bully has started him up a Driver’s Education business that will take money away from the CCS Driver’s Education Program. Bully drives his Driver’s Education car, marked up and all, to school board meetings and to the schools that he visits. But Bully says that is not a conflict of interest. Anyway, you might ask, why would anybody want to pay Bully $400-$600 to teach their kids to drive when they only have to pay $65 through the school program? Nobody!!! Therefore, something else must be going on? Could this be some payoff quid pro quo scheme? Send your kid, or somebody’s kid or just a check to Bully and get a job or contract with CCC? It certainly appears to me that Bully Glover is attached at the pocketbook with CCS in some way or another with this Drivers Ed. thing.

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