Terms are Up for Three CCC Board of Trustee Members!!! Dr. John L. Reynolds should be considered for Appointment!! Report and recommendation by Robert A. Williams

For those that don’t know, there are 12 appointed members of the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee members. The Cleveland County Commissioners appoint four. The Cleveland County School Board appoints four. And the Governor appoints four. Each appointment is for a four year term and the appointments are rotated over four years. That means three CCC BoTs terms are up in 2018.

Those BoT members whose terms expire this year are:

Wes Westmoreland who was appointed by the County Commissioners. With the majority of Commissioners up for election this year, and all the problems at CCC that have been exposed, plus a federal lawsuit against the Board of Trustees as well as a likely federal lawsuit coming soon against the Commissioners; it just might be a good time for Wes Westmoreland to rotate off the CCC BoT and a new person be appointed. With Westmoreland’s major contribution to the establishment and operation of Pinnacle Classical Academy and the needs of more and better education that Pinnacle has already provided, he should have plenty to do over there.

Wayne King was appointed by Governor Pat McCrory, a Republican. Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is certainly not going to re-appoint Republican Wayne King back onto the CCC BoT. From Wayne King’s perspective I am sure he would consider it a compliment and an honor for Roy Cooper not to appoint him. But others could.

Chris Turner was appointed by the Cleveland County School Board and sources indicate Mr. Turner may be fed up with having to spend so much time trying to fix problems at CCC. Don’t really know about that. But being appointed by a dysfunctional School Board is not much of an honor these days.

So, bottom line is there might be much needed new faces coming to the CCC Board of Trustees very soon. By all accounts Dr. John L. Reynolds should be considered for one of those new appointments.

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