Tell the Truth and Expect Justice??? This does not always work in the Cleveland County Injustice System!! How to Defeat the “Whispering Campaign” by Clyde Ledbetter Reported by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Folks, most of you in Cleveland County are brought up to believe and act in ways that promote truth and justice. And believe that is the right thing to do and to behave accordingly. Clyde Ledbetter and his family were like that. Looking back, they seem naïve. Especially to themselves. Perhaps they were. But they learned some lessons along the way that Clyde Ledbetter has decided to share with you. So you will know that in Cleveland County there is a large dollop of corruption that is carried out in the name if the law if you get on the wrong side of the “establishment.”
The story Clyde Ledbetter is beginning to tell involves alleged illegal interactions between a female teacher and male students. Pornography. An Alleged CCS cover-up. Kangaroo Courts. Drugs, alleged violence when there was no violence. False testimony, FALSE CHARGES. Phony judicial rulings. Investigations that included no investigation. Sheriff and DA involvement. No accountability or oversight. And a smattering of political payback.
This message is just the beginning and may not include everything noted above. But between what Clyde Ledbetter describes as his personal experience and my independent research you will pretty much hear it all. Ion this message and others to come.
The following is a message directly from Clyde Ledbetter to the people of Cleveland County. These are all Clyde Ledbetter’s own words that I have not edited or added to or subtracted from.

To: The good people of Cleveland County
From: Clyde Ledbetter
Subject: Telling the truth and expecting Justice does not always work in Cleveland County
I appreciate this opportunity to talk to the people of Cleveland County. It is my belief that truth is the most powerful force in the universe. Jesus Christ Himself said that all power had been given to Him and that He is truth. It is time for the truth to be known about my situation and why I ran for Sheriff of Cleveland County. My education, training and experience in dealing with people and our problems over the past 50 years has brought me to this point in my life. I sincerely believe that the Cleveland County justice system has treated me as well as some others as if we were insignificant. It seems that some of us exist under a County government controlled by a group which allows no representation or voice to those who “can’t afford” justice. I was told not long ago by someone very close to Cleveland County law enforcement that truth doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is who has the best lawyer and who has the most money. There are many stories similar to mine floating around in Cleveland County, but most have no opportunity to tell their story to the citizens of Cleveland County without severe repercussions. Some can’t afford to lose a job and some can’t tolerate the ostracism which comes with bucking a totalitarian system. I, on the other hand, am almost 70 years old and have nothing to lose that has not already been taken away from me by the Cleveland County justice system. Here is the truth.

Three or four years ago I was working in Ottawa, Canada helping a contractor install some operating rooms in one of their major medical facilities. I got a phone call from my wife one night and she told me that my son had been arrested and charged with three felony crimes. I told her not to worry about it and that I would be home in a week or so. I knew that he had been an exemplary Highway Patrol trooper for over 12 years and that he knew his way around the courthouse and the legal system. What I didn’t know was what had been submitted as evidence to the Cleveland County justice system and disseminated throughout the community by my ex-daughter-in-law. By the time I found out what she had done it was too late. The Cleveland County justice system had already committed to a path for his punishment. There was no trial, no serious investigation, and no recourse. My ex-daughter-in-law had told them that her husband had broken into her house, kidnapped her, and pistol whipped her with his service revolver. She showed them self-made pictures of her face which made it look like she had been severely beaten and abused. The pictures showed blood in her hair, blood running down her face, blood on her clothes, and blood in her ears all coming from what appeared to be deep cuts in her face. If I had been the Sheriff or the DA and if I had seen what she presented to them, then I might too have come to the same conclusion.

There was one problem with the bloody pictures that had been presented to the Cleveland County justice system and to her friends. Just before she left the alleged crime scene (allegedly pouring blood) she had had a close up, physical contact, altercation with my wife Janet, and there was no blood in her hair, no blood running down her face, no blood on her clothes and no blood in her ears. My ex-daughter-in-law testified to her friends who testified to Cleveland County law officials that she had been beaten in the head and knocked unconscious with the butt end of a service revolver and that blood was pouring from her head. They testified that she had been dragged around by her hair through the house, chased around the yard by her husband and her mother-in-law and stuffed into a car by her husband in an attempt to haul her away and dump her somewhere. The Cleveland County justice system had already committed to believing her story and now they had to believe that my wife and I were liars or they had to admit that they had made a mistake. Apparently, the Cleveland County justice system doesn’t make mistakes.
Where the blood came from that covered her body is a mystery to us. The alleged pistol whipping took place in the bedroom. She alleged that she was knocked unconscious and fell to the floor in the bedroom while pouring blood. The bedroom is fully carpeted. There was not one drop of blood on the carpet. If she was dragged through the house it would seem that blood would have been deposited on the floors. She could not have been chased across the yard by my wife (her mother-in-law) because her mother-in-law just had new knee replacements and she could not run. If she was stuffed into a car (three times) there would surely have been some blood in the car. If she had been pistol whipped with a service revolver then surely there would have been some DNA evidence on the service revolver.

The court ordered that both the cell phone of my son and the cell phone of his ex-wife be taken into custody and completely downloaded. The court ordered that all the guns from my son’s house and my house be taken into custody. The court established custody rights for the four children with the parents. The court set dates for the hearings. The assistant District Attorney immediately made the statement that my son “would do time for what he had done to that girl”. She further declared that he would never work another day in the Highway Patrol in Cleveland County. She later advised me and some 70 character witnesses that had accompanied me to the courthouse that we were extremely lucky to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law and, had it had not been for her, my son would surely have to serve more time in prison. The court did not order that the crime scene be checked for DNA evidence. The court did not order that the weapon used be checked for DNA evidence. The court did not order that the car in which she was stuffed be checked for DNA evidence. The court did not order any lie detector tests. The court did not require that a police report be submitted. The court did not require that a medical examination be done. The district attorney and Sheriff certified that there was a witness to the crime and that that witness had identified the suspect. They accepted the witness as a certified expert forensic specialist who did not have to be at the scene to determine that a gun was used in an alleged assault. This same alleged expert forensic specialist had sewn up a small boxer’s cut near an eye with no professional stitching certification and no permission from a medical professional. This same alleged expert forensic specialist did not contact law enforcement and did not contact any medical professional before altering medical evidence in what she knew to be an alleged felonious assault-domestic violence case. The same alleged expert forensic specialist happened to be best friends with my ex-daughter-in-law. Three days after this same expert forensic specialist had covered up the evidence the assistant Dist. Atty. told her that she had done nothing wrong.

Discovery from the cell phones was finally delivered to the lawyers. My son’s cell phone was completely downloaded and delivered in discovery in its entirety. My son’s lawyer only received six days of text from my daughter-in-law’s cell phone from discovery and there were numerous gaps in the sequential text numbers. Shortly before the discovery package was delivered to my son’s attorney I had spoken with a representative of the SBI by phone. She told me that she had just finished looking at thousands of naked pictures of that girl and that she was tired of looking at them. She further stated that the DA had determined that there was nothing criminal about having naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone. I asked the SBI representative if that was the law or merely the opinion of the DA. She told me that she would have to get back with me with an answer to that question. She never got back in touch with me.

The discovery package that my son received from the Cleveland County justice system had no “apparent” naked pictures of my daughter-in-law in it. I wondered what happened to the thousands of naked pictures that the SBI representative told me about. My son received a copy of his discovery package and after many hours of study and review he found an obscure app which contained several naked self-made pictures of my daughter-in-law both at her home and at her school. Incriminating evidence in this obscure app had apparently been overlooked by whoever removed incriminating pictures. No one including the Sheriff, DA, attorney, SBI, Highway Patrol, nor any other person or agency had gone to the trouble to study the discovery package closely enough to find this evidence. My brother and I took this evidence and delivered it to the Sheriff of Cleveland County. We showed the sheriff where to find the app in his file. We were of the opinion that unprofessional and/or unethical conduct by a schoolteacher had to be reported to the proper authorities in accordance with the general statutes, when it is discovered. We were apparently wrong. A schoolteacher can apparently expose herself at school, take self-made images of exposed body parts and sexual stimulation with her personal cell phone at her desk at school while school is in session, take pictures of students in the classroom without their knowledge, engage in obscene cell phone sexting with former students while being paid to teach school, send hundreds of profane text messages to potential sex partners and/or former students on a daily basis while on the state’s payroll, facilitate the sale of illegal drugs from her desk on her cell phone while teaching school, and transport illegal drugs into the school parking lot in her car and still remain in good standing with both North Carolina and South Carolina teacher certification boards. Imagine what someone could have found if he had gotten hundreds of days of text messages and thousands of pictures.

Shortly after this incriminating evidence was discovered the court initiated an order prohibiting this information from being released to any agency or person. They claimed that protection of this information was critical because release could mean that innocent romantic partners could be exposed or unfairly humiliated by its release. The problem with that statement is that there were no romantic partners in the discovery package to be exposed. If there were romantic partners in the discovery package who should not be exposed then that part of discovery was withheld by the DA (or someone) before it was given to the lawyers. My daughter-in-law’s despicable actions were thereby protected by the Cleveland County justice system.

After being convinced that the Cleveland County justice system had no interest in protecting students from sexual predators, I decided that the best way to help protect students was by practicing my civil rights to picket on the public right-of-way in front of a school which had just hired a teacher who had a track record of sexual improprieties. I did not realize that the Cleveland County justice system had such long tentacles. I was taken to court for my actions and it cost me around $10,000. During the court proceedings I was labeled as incoherent, a stalker, a murderer, and given a no contact order. My daughter-in-law claimed in court that I had been stalking her constantly for over a year. I had barely seen her in over a year. She claimed that I stalked her at Chick-fil-A, at her church, on her job and numerous other places with no proof whatsoever. I assume the judge found that picketing at her school was stalking. I assume that she was at work on the day that I picketing because within an hour she was in the DA’s office in Cleveland County.

I tried every way I could to get the Sheriff, the DA, and the attorney to do some forensic tests to prove that my son was telling the truth. They all turned it down. They never visited the crime scene; they never checked the carpet for DNA evidence; they never checked the floors; they never checked the car; they never checked the pictures for discrepancies; they told me they never checked the guns for DNA but I heard from a reputable source that a Highway Patrol trooper went to Raleigh and picked up the service revolver and brought it back to Cleveland County. The Highway Patrol had picked it up before the Sheriff confiscated all of our other guns. Shortly after they got it, they took it back to Raleigh. I guess they just wanted to look at it.

My daughter-in-law never got a police report. She never went to a Dr. or got a medical examination. She went undercover immediately after the incident on Friday, March 27, 2015. She hung out at Pleasant City Apartments with her friends until Monday, March 30, 2015. During that time, she refused to allow her family to know where she was or what she was doing. From Friday until Monday her cell phone history shows that she researched domestic violence procedures and other legal matters. Around lunchtime on Monday she took a friend with her to the DA’s office along with her self-made photographs and presented her story and the rest is history. She had five witnesses, all of which were friends whom she had convinced of her story. The Cleveland County justice system certified one of her friends (who stitched up the alleged wound while practicing medicine without a license) as an expert forensic specialist in order to get around the problem of having no witness at the scene. The Cleveland County justice system informed me that a witness did not necessarily have to be at the scene as long as they were certified as a specialist in their field. The expert forensic specialists friend certified that “The wound above her eye was not caused by a hand; It was caused by a blunt object”. My daughter-in-law certified that “the only blunt object available to him at that time was his service revolver so that had to be what he hit me with.” This is the only time that I can recall where someone used a false statement about a gun to destroy someone’s life without having to prove anything. If she had not disseminated fabricated pictures to all of her witnesses who testified on her behalf and if she had not lied under oath about what transpired at the crime scene and not brought a gun into the conversation as a potential “deadly weapon to inflict serious bodily injury” and had not suborned perjury to all of her witnesses, she most likely could not have gotten three felony arrest warrants.
Dealing with the Cleveland County justice system has cost me dearly. I lost about everything that I worked 50 years for. During my campaign for Sheriff of Cleveland County someone who was apparently affiliated with the Cleveland County justice system initiated a WBTV news broadcast advising the general public that I had been issued a restraining order by the Cleveland County courts because of unscrupulous behavior. That defamatory broadcast may have cost me the Sheriff election. The fact of the matter is that I was allegedly issued a restraining order by the Cleveland County justice system to prevent me from exposing unlawful and unscrupulous behavior by a schoolteacher, my ex daughter-in-law. The clerk of court told me that that restraining order had never been issued. I have four wonderful grandchildren and now I am concerned about their involvement in my ex daughter-in-law’s drug and sex infested circles. My son lost his career, his house, his health, his retirement, his vehicles, his peace of mind and his means to provide for his children. He has been saddled with domestic violence by the Cleveland County justice system with no proof whatsoever. My ex daughter-in-law testified under oath that she grabbed him by the balls and he hit her. All the rest of her story was written, produced, directed and choreographed by some very clever manipulators. The Cleveland County justice system is apparently determined to keep its reputation untarnished regardless of the cost to innocent citizens. The integrity of a person or an organization can be determined by how mistakes are handled. Those who do the most generally make the most mistakes. Those who never do anything are the ones who never make mistakes. The only way I can figure to make a difference in Cleveland County is to become more involved. If I can make truth matter in Cleveland County law enforcement then my efforts will be worth it.

I don’t intend to spend what’s left of my life defending myself against false charges being drummed up by either an un-convicted felon or an inept Cleveland County justice system. Someone affiliated with the Cleveland County justice system has already aired misleading characterizations of me on the WBTV news station in order to damage my campaign for Sheriff of Cleveland County. I know what my future holds if I do nothing. I intend to clear my name. If anyone wishes to help me; donations can be sent to Clyde Ledbetter at 116 Amberwood Dr., Shelby, NC – 28152 – phone 704-600-7312.
Clyde Ledbetter

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