Sheriff’s Depart Female Officer Arrested and Charged by Shelby PD!!! Speeding 66 in 45 Zone, Driving While Impaired-Alcohol level 0.10, Fictitious Tag!! Magistrate allowed Officer to sign own Bond for immediate release from Jail!! While Jail full of people with similar offenses!! Only Suspended 10 Days from Sheriff’s Department!! No telling what will happen when this goes to trial!! Likely another Plea Bargain from DA!! Fallout from the SPD Officer Tim Brackeen Murder Trial!!! Report from sources and arguendo provided by Robert A. Williams

A trusted source reports that a female Sheriff’s Department Officer went out partying in Shelby a few days ago, got soused, got into her car and drove away. Home or some unknown destination.

A Shelby Police Department Office spots the speeding car (66 in 45 Zone) and pulled the car over. Only to find a female Sheriff’s Department Officer and a smell of alcohol. Three separate breathalyzer tests indicated a blood alcohol level of 0.10, which is 25% over the legal limit of 0.08. A registration check indicated a fictitious tag was on the woman’s vehicle.

Sources report that the female Sheriff’s Department Officer basically begged the Shelby Police Department Officer not charge her. Saying they knew each other and were both in law enforcement. The SPD Officer declined, obviously under strict orders and aware of the very close scrutiny the Shelby Police Department and especially SPD Chief Jeff Ledford are under stemming from the recent SPD Officer Tim Brackeen murder trial and the related revelations of SPD misconduct that have allegedly been covered-up. Stay tuned for forthcoming articles about that.

So, there you have it. The Shelby Police Department is (now) going by the book and the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department is now apparently loosey-goosey with policy, procedures and protocol. Sheriff Alan Norman is certainly welcome to tell his side of the story here. And the female Sheriff’s Officer is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Ain’t that the American way???

Well, The Magistrate and DA’s Office needs some more scrutiny. The CCC Board of Trustees, Commissioners and School Board do too. Also, the American way. But, if I know the Cleveland County way, it will be more cover-up and silence.

For a change, wouldn’t it be nice to be pleasantly surprised by county agencies? With some honesty and integrity? Ethics and all!!

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10 months ago

This needs to make the local tv news…fast… Before the local crooks can sweep it under the rug.