Shelby Star, CC Health Department Walk-Back Coronavirus Story!!! First Cleveland County has Coronavirus and NOW we Don’t!!! But, NO False Reporting From ME!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Just a few days ago the Shelby Star published an article on March 18, 2020stating that the Cleveland County Commissioners, at their March 17, 2020 Commissioner’s meeting, had declared a State of Emergency in Cleveland County because of the Coronavirus-even though there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Cleveland County. The problems for the Shelby Star was that I attended the Commissioner’s meeting and the Star did not. The Star depended on a press release from the County. And I depended on what I personally saw and heard. What I saw and heard was the Commissioners did NOT declare an emergency because of a clear and present danger of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The Commissioner’s declared a State of Emergency for Cleveland County because the Commissioners wanted to be sure they could collect as much money as possible from the Federal Government.

Another thing that happened at the March 17, Commissioner’s Meeting, was the Commissioner’s scheduled two Public Hearings for that meeting. If the Commissioners were actually concerned for the well being of Cleveland County citizens, they would have cancelled or rescheduled those public hearings. But they didn’t. And it was NOT because the welfare of the citizens just happened to slip the Commissioner’s minds. NO!!! I spoke up at the public hearings and brought up the fact that the commissioners had purposely continued with their public hearing despite the fact that they had just declared an emergency. And, that is beside the point that I was AGAINST the Commissioners forking over another $6 Million from ALL of the County taxpayers to fund a building the Commissioners were going to give to the City of Shelby. A third building at that.

Then, the next thing that happens is a report comes out of the Cleveland County Health Department that there was a case of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in Cleveland County. And, now the County through the Shelby Star puts out a notice that the alleged COVID-19 infected person did not actually live in Cleveland County, even though that person allegedly gave their doctor a Cleveland County Address. No mention of where this person actually resides, who the doctor was or even that the person actually was tested and the test actually came out positive.

Of course, I have been smelling a rat from the very start about all this Emergency stuff and whether or not such a COVID-19 Coronavirus victim actually existed. Shutting down schools and all-for all the wrong reasons. Cleveland County and even North Carolina has refused to give good information about the actual cases of coronavirus COVID-19 all along. No info from local authorities about those infected, their ages and health conditions before being infected. And, even now with the CC Health Department and the Shelby Star, who never ask questions, before printing-up propaganda for Cleveland County governmental agencies get caught putting out false information.

Oh Well. Folks, continue believing the Cleveland County Commissioners, CCS, CCC, the Health Department and the Shelby Star at your own risk. The only truth of the matter is that YOU have NEVER gotten FAKE NEWS from ME!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

3 comments for “Shelby Star, CC Health Department Walk-Back Coronavirus Story!!! First Cleveland County has Coronavirus and NOW we Don’t!!! But, NO False Reporting From ME!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

  1. JSC
    March 21, 2020 at 10:44 pm

    Good info on most cases here.

    If you click NC on the map, it will give you a description of every case in the state. Of course, due to FERPA, certain information about the individuals can’t be shared.

  2. Billy Gray
    March 22, 2020 at 12:03 pm
  3. Billy Gray
    March 22, 2020 at 11:54 pm

    ” We’ve endured floods, famines, wildfires, tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes, the War for Independence, Civil War, WW1 ,WW2 and through it all, our Christian ancestors maintained a courageous and faithful presence in the House of God.

    In times of disaster, war and pestilence, our Christian forebears led their communities into a stronger faith in God through their loving devotion to united worship.

    Now, Christians are among the first to shut the doors of their sanctuaries, leaving a distraught public to find spiritual solace somewhere else”.

    These is a few paragraphs I read today, written by a Pastor that had a service today. Every Sunday I feel like I should be in Church. Here we are March, 22 , 2020 A.D. faced with the ‘2020 Plague’ ? and today like every Sunday I felt like I should be in Church. Was there one open in Cleveland County ? If anyone can tell me of one, I plan to be there next Sunday, even if I’m the 11th person.

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