Shelby Mayor, City Manager and entire City Council should resign immediately!!–Mr. Willie Green adds Proof that I did not include in previous article.

Editor’s Note: In regard to my previous article titled “Thinking Ahead-Lawsuits Bankrupt City of Shelby…” Mr. Willie Green provided the following information that I did not include. The City of Shelby’s own Economic Development Strategic Plan includes a SWOT Analysis. SWOT Stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as related to the City of Shelby.



This is what Mr. Green wrote to me.


The City of Shelby has had plenty of opportunities to settle these lawsuits, it is now to the point that ALL of the City Councilmembers, Mayor Anthony, and City Manager Rick Howell need to resign to save the taxpayers millions of dollars because of their incompetent leadership, discriminatory practices, and bullying tactics against businesses who are direct competition with members of the council or who refuse to do business with the mayor’s company.

The incompetency of the leadership within the City government is not only prevalent in my lawsuits but is also deemed to be the case in the city’s own 2017 Economic Impact S.W.O.T. Analysis report. The city’s own S.W.O.T. Analysis states the following status of the current leadership as “Not having effective leadership in place to encourage and “capture” growth opportunities.”  The city leadership should not resign just because I, you, and others are calling for them to do so, because of what we see that is taken place in plain sight. They should resign because of their own commissioned study say they should, due to the fact that their study shows the current leadership as a “threat” that can’t capture new growth opportunities.

Willie A. Green, Sr.

Of course, Mr. Green was correct that the SWOT Analysis did state that the City of Shelby was indeed “not having effective leadership in place to encourage and ‘capture’ growth opportunities.” And that the entire Shelby Leadership should resign as the obvious conclusion from their own assessment. But, from the entire SWOT analysis The Cleveland County Commissioners and School Board also need to be removed from office.


Folks, I could cherry-pick from the entire City of Shelby Economic Development Strategic Plan and show you dozens of examples that back up Mr. Green’s and my own assessment of the City of Shelby as well as Cleveland County. But some of you readers might think that Mr. Green and I are exaggerating. Therefore, I say, as I often do, don’t believe a word that I say. Read for YOURSELF. I have attached the entire Shelby Economic Development Strategic Plan. The SWOT analysis starts on page 4.

Read and weep all ye non-believers.

City of Shelby Economic Development Strategic Plan


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