Sex Scandals, Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Crooked, Outlaw Cleveland County Commissioners, School Board, Cleveland Community College Administration, Economic Development Partnership, DA’s Office, etc.!!!— Proof Everywhere!!! Report and explanation by Robert A. Williams

It would take writing a book to just get started with this topic. So, I am going to take one thing at a time, one article at a time and one scandal at a time. I am going to cover the following and more, not necessarily in this order:
1. The secret sale of the hospital and where did the money go
2. The American Series World Series boondoggle
3. The Shooting Range trip to Las Vegas for a week boondoggle and cover-up
4. The New North Shelby School Project waste of over $13.5 million.
5. Project Cirrus giveaway
6. Project Grizzly sex scandal, $30 million giveaway and cover-up
7. Cleveland Community College Sex Scandal, Grant Fraud and Trustee cover-up
8. Commissioners junket to Washington, DC on the taxpayer’s dollar
9. Cover-up MO-Cleveland County Style
10. Abolishing the office of Coroner
11. CCC & CCS Early College Education fraud
12. Miscellaneous Illegal Stuff and DA refusing to prosecute

Where to start is the problem here. So, let’s start with something that came out of Raleigh that someone else wrote. And I will finish up with discoveries of my own. A two part article and maybe more parts.

Part One: Educational Fraud:

Foreword by Robert A. Williams

Cleveland County Schools, Cleveland Community College, The Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership and the County Commissioners teamed up in an unholy alliance to build the LeGrand Center. The LeGrand Center would be built on the Cleveland Community College campus and would house the Cleveland County Schools Early College program as well as headquarter the Economic Development Partnership and provide an expensive place for the elite to gather with their high society soirees. The following article was recently published by the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal. Sources tell me that CCC and CCS may have adopted a scheme similar to the American Series World Series to count attendees to the 15 games over and over for each game to get wildly inflated numbers well over 100,000 as attending the games. Allegedly this scheme is adapted to count the attendance to CCC Early Colleges students for every class, them adding them all together. Then the inflated numbers of students are submitted for payment. Sources also say this scandal is getting ready to break big time. More on this in later articles.

This included article deals with allegations CCC is dumbing- down supposedly college level courses to high school levels and giving fraudulent credits for the classes to students, who will likely flunk out when they get into real colleges, then be saddled with high student loan debts. Read the article and form your own conclusion. Note that the Dual Enrollment noted in the article means the student is enrolled in both CCS High School and Cleveland Community College-the definition of CCS’s Early College Program. Also note that CCC certain high level administration folks are named in potential sex scandals.

We are going to follow up on this article regarding the contents of this article as well as our own investigations. I have forwarded this article to all Commissioners, all School Board members and certain CCS Trustees that I found email addresses for asking for comments. So far only School Board member Danny Blanton has responded that all this information has been kept secret from him.

Click link below to read Cleveland Community College article:
Concerns Raised Over NC’s Dual Enrollment Program and Possible Community College Misconduct.


Ellis Monroe, Chairman
Greg Melton, Vice Chairman
Dr. L. Steve Thornburg, Secretary
Alan Norman (2019)
H. Allen Langley (2017)
William (Bill) j. Turpish (2020)
Wayne King (2018)
Wes Westmoreland (2018)
Gordon Hamrick (2019)
Greg Melton (2017)
Ellis P. Monroe (2016)

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