Second Community College Presidential Candidate Finalist Pulls Out!!! Sources Smell a Rat!!! So do I Dirty tricks abound in Cleveland County Schools and the Community College!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

CCC Press Release/January 23, 2018

Good morning,

This email is to inform you that one of the presidential candidates, Dr. Daryl Minus, has withdrawn from the search process. This notification was received late yesterday. Therefore, there will be NO activities on January 24, 2018, which was the day of his scheduled visit.

Thank you,
Paula B. Vess
Public Information and Marketing Coordinator
Cleveland Community College

Note that Dr. Scott Balog pulled his application and did not show for his scheduled interview today, January 23, 2018 and no notice was provided by CCC. This notice from CCC indicates a second presidential finalist has pulled out.

Soon after receiving this notice from CCC I received an email from a reader:

Subject: Something to think about
I don’t think it was a good idea to let Shannon Kennedy know who the other candidates are that applied for the President’s job. Who knows what one could do behind the scenes and no one would be the wiser…Look…everybody (else) pulled out. I know it’s far fetched, but that’s two in less than a week.

On top of all this I received an email last night regarding an incident that happened right before the 2017 School Board Election. A person had posted on Facebook that he did not support Phillip “Bully” Glover” for the School Board. Those Facebook pages were copied off by a School Employee and ended up being delivered by a high level CCS General Office Official, Greg Shull, to the employer of the person who posted his reasons for not supporting Bully Glover with the purpose of retaliation and getting the person fired from his job. The person as well as myself absolutely believe Greg Shull was ORDERED to do what he did under penalty of being fired himself.

The employer did not fire the person. And the person has complained to CCS for the dirty tricks, possibly illegal dirty tricks, from the highest levels of the CCS Board and Administration. More regarding this incident is forthcoming.

And let’s not forget about the Federal Lawsuits against both the CCS Board and the CCC Board of Trustees. These folks, or their underlings, are certainly not little angels. Rigging a Presidential Selection at CCC is certainly within their ability to do so. And the culture of corruption runs deep at both places.

So, Do I smell a rat with all these last minute CCC Presidential finalists dropping out being related to a dirty trick campaign??? Hey, I would be a fool not to.

What about YOU ??? Do you smell a rat too?

More to come on these breaking stories. Stay Tuned !!! You won’t get this news from anywhere else.

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