School Board’s Attacks on Public Speakers has Citizens Fired Up!! Reports by Robert A. Williams

Happenings in the past 24 hours has citizens fired-up and CCS’s cover-ups. The cover-ups are many. The last one occurred last night at the October 28, 2019 School Board Meeting when the school board tampered with their meeting video broadcasts as well as stating they would move their controversial Public Participation from the first part of the meeting to the last part of the meeting. A stupid and phony action School board Chairman Shearra Miller said was due to profanity and offensive speech. Board Member Richard Hooker said there were “Outbursts” from the public.

When asked, last night, from the audience (Me) if the move had been voted on by the full board, Miller retorted that it didn’t have to be voted on because the “committee” had approved it. Of course, Miller’s statement was a lie. No committee of board members has the right to take any actions without the approval of the Board. Also, Danny Blanton spoke up and asked “when was this decision made and who made it? I certainly was not asked about this.” Of course, Blanton was one of the Board’s target as he, as a duly elected board member, has been shut down from discussions or being allowed to have items of great public interest added to school board meeting agendas. A move that prompted Danny Blanton come down off the board and speak as any citizens has that very same right. A move that has greatly aggravated Chairman Miller’s efforts to shut up Danny Blanton. And now she wants to shut down everybody else too.

But, is anybody surprised at the school boards arrogance toward the public, Danny Blanton and everybody else that has an opinion that is different from their own. Miller has publicly stated that she doesn’t want to be bothered with complaints. Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris, Jo Bogs and Jeff Jones are up for re-election in 2020 and they certainly don’t want to hear any complaints about their malfeasance in general and in particularly about their lies and corruption. They want to maintain a façade of everybody is happy and everybody is doing a good job, when the facts are exactly the opposite.

But I have said this kind of thing for a long time. Let me provide to you comments that I have received:

Samantha Davis writes:
CCS employees as well as other folks complaining that I said the “N” word at the last school board meeting. Some said it made them feel uncomfortable. Imagine how my daughter felt. Imagine how she feels now, the boy pushed her and said move “N” when my daughter beats his butt as she should have she gets 3 days OSS, an hour and a half later I get a call saying they decided to give her 5 days OSS and pressing charges through teen court.

And where were these people that were so offended by me saying the “N” word when the teacher played the original version of Oh Susanna? And she was not fired!! That song had the “N” word in it!! Folks are fake, they want me to shut up!! That will not happen!!!

Editor’s Note: Samantha brings up a good point. The “O’Susanna” song’s second verse did mention the “N” word. AND 500 of them being killed. This version was played at an elementary school attended by many black children. It brought out the NAACP to a school board. Now, Samantha’s mixed-race daughter is being punished and prosecuted much more severely than the white boy who initiated the incident. This incident is likely to put a stain on her criminal record that will stick with her the rest of her life. One has to wonder where is the NAACP and other influential members of the black community now? Perhaps their failure to make a stand in the Willie Green situation with the City of Shelby, as well as the Plantation Politics that always seems to come out around election time has them pacified and impotent. Or maybe it is their docile female leadership telling them to stay out of trouble? As for me, I don’t understand what their problem is. Except that they have one.

Suzan Parris writes: (In regard to her autistic child who was severely injured at North Shelby School, allegedly at the hands of rogue and out of control teacher.)

The only reason the board made this move was to shut Danny Blanton down and others like myself. Danny was gaining more support from this community and we started to speak up! This board doesn’t want that! What this has done was unleash the Autism Mom! LET’S ROLL!!

The Board wants to continue to play along with the puppet master (Dr Fisher) and do whatever he wants, even if it compromises the safety of a child, like my son!! The board “is concerned” that children heard the word nigger and bitch!? I’m concerned with the 2-inch gash, 5 Staples to close my son’s head!!! I’m concerned with the 30-minute restraint my son endured until I could get to him. I’m concerned with the sedation and ambulance ride. I’m concerned with the more than 7 days and nights of pain, extreme behaviors and no sleep my son and I endured! I’m concerned that the TA that was accused by 8 staff of “allegedly” harming my son and was allowed to stay in the class with my son during the “investigation” and my son cannot speak!! I knew about none of this for 21 days!!! 3 weeks!!!! I’m his Momma!!! I was constantly asking but was consistently told it was still under investigation! I’m concerned that there was a police investigation that I was not aware of nor included in. I’m concerned that the cop that did the investigation is married to the human resource lady of CCS, major conflict of interest don’t you think? I’m concerned that the school told the Shelby Police department that I knew about all of this and was ok with this (on day 8) I’m concerned that I got 2 totally different stories from school and a third, much worse, from the police!!! Hopefully, the Detective will find the real truth as to what happened to my son that day!

The “children” are the seniors sitting behind us. I’m pretty sure they have heard and have said worse than what was spoken that night! The Board doesn’t care what we think, want nor what our children need. They only do what the puppet master wants!

This board knows I’ve spoken for about a decade in favor of the school, this administration and the board. I’ve saved their butts by speaking out publicly on numerous occasions and you Mr. Williams, can verify that because you were there. They know that I publicly tried to go about this the professional and nice way by asking for a closed session. That was a complete waste of my time! They know they cannot go against me and win because I always have and always will speak the truth! They cannot dispute that my heart belongs to the children, especially those with special needs. I ALWAYS have been and ALWAYS will be a strong advocate for special needs kids!!

As far as moving public participation, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! My son may not speak but I WILL NOT BE SILENT!!

I’m still grateful and love North Shelby School!! It is a true blessing to so many families across this county including my own. I don’t know what I would have done without my school. This truly is a school where the impossible becomes a reality!! I know because I have volunteered at NSS for 6 years!! I’ve seen miracles happen!! NSS has always been the major driving force behind my son’s success!! We are blessed!!

For the ones that stood up and spoke out for my son, I’m truly grateful and indebted to you!! NSS did their job, it’s time this school board quits kissing the puppet master’s ass and do their job!!

The safety of the child should trump all cards, even with my son!!!

Suzan McKinney Parris

Suzan Parris added in another comment:

I will not let this go nor will I back up!

Editor’s Note: What more can I add to this article? Except to say I will not let this go nor will I back up either! I think Suzan and everybody else already knew that.

Stay tuned folks. Also, get ready to sign up to run against the School Board members and County Commissioners who are up for re-election in 2020. Note that the time to sign up is in December 2019. A month away.

4 comments for “School Board’s Attacks on Public Speakers has Citizens Fired Up!! Reports by Robert A. Williams

  1. Samantha Davis
    October 30, 2019 at 10:36 am

    The NAACP may not be involved yet, but others are getting there. We will not let this go!! Our minority children and special needs children deserve better!!

  2. Bill Gray
    October 31, 2019 at 12:36 pm

    A portion of my rant at the Board Meeting, Oct.14th

    Psychological TRAUMA is defined as damage to the MIND that occurs as a result of a DISTRESSING event.

    TRAUMA is often the result of an overwhelming amount of
    STRESS that exceeds one’s ability to cope.

    When students saw another student kicked punched and dragged around by his hair , do you suppose any of them were stressed and traumatized ?

    When an 8th grader saw a girl slash her wrist do you suppose she and other students were stressed and traumatized ?

    Teachers may be overwhelmed also.

    After Stressing the Children with crazy math, multiculturalism , political correctness, Social ideals, sex and an end of the world mentality.

    The new plan is to have ” trusted” school employees and cafeteria workers evaluate and report them as possibly being unstable !

    With that said, allow me attempt to relate this to Ms. Millers blurb “profanity and offensive speech” and Mr. Hookers blurb ” Outburst”.

    What has not been discussed is that Many Parent’s are Stressed and Traumatized also. This Board knows this.
    They have seen it many, many times and brush it off.

    What we have witnessed here is the telltale sign of one of the more important curricula that CCS, is required to teach, Sensitivity Training.

    The idea of a SafeSpace’s
    in CCS has not crossed my mind until now.

    In my opinion one of the main lessons that is taught in Schools today is to eat what ever is put in front of you. You don’t have to like it, just eat it.

    The blurbs of Ms. Miller and Mr. Hooker, I believe are the introduction of Sensitivity Training for Parents. With this group not being a captive audience, it is going to be harder to teach. I believe there is a plan for this also.

    None of us should let this go nor back up either.

    • Bill Gray
      October 31, 2019 at 6:43 pm

      It is so telling in the way, these two fool board cronies have attempted to turn the narrative about the abuse of your children into something else. Did they seem concerned about what happened to your children ? NO, But then a few
      hyper-sensitive, people ( maybe no one) called to complain about how offended or upset they were and then that was the issue. This is the same story over and over, Parent’s do not count. This is a preview of what I believe is coming to our schools soon. If your children don’t fit into the click, you the parent are at fault. Mental health is going to be the new rage from now on. The pressure they are putting on the students have natural consequences. Many of these supposedly ‘confused’ children, that don’t measure up, in a ‘Trusted Person’s’ opinion will need a little counseling, you the parent may need a little also. This is insane, if Parents allow this to happen they are insane. We must Change this Board in 2020, these people are just some of the ‘ Change Agents ‘ that have brought us to this point.

  3. Suzan McKinney Parris
    October 31, 2019 at 3:35 pm

    TRAUMA?? Can you imagine being an adult, or child, on that playground that day. Hearing the impact of my son’s head hitting the drain pipe? Hearing his blood curdling scream? This is a child who feels pain differently, very high tollerence! Broke his arm severely, at school when he was 5, and didn’t blink an eye! Seeing the blood gush from his head? Watching, helplessly as the staff took his own shirt off to use and try to stop the blood flow? Everyone bending over backwards to help this child, and to help me, get medical attention!! 8, eight NSS staff stood up and spoke out for my son!!!! I will not let this go nor back up and the events that happened afterwards, the decisions this administration made without my knowledge, the blind eye and deaf ear this board gave to this situation was an additional cut to the throat! I’m his Momma!! We will learn from this! We will make things better for the next child!

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