School Board Will Show Their True Colors Tonight??? –Time to Come Clean, or More Cover-up??? Assessment by Robert A. Williams

Folks, the hottest set of scandals percolating up from the cesspool over at Cleveland Community College has yet to be seen-or smelled. Despite all the gridlock on the CCC Board of Trustees that has only resulted in a large taxpayer $200,000 paid off resignation for CCC President Steve Thornburg, the other scandal at CCC and the related scandals at Cleveland County Schools have yet to fully disclosed. I figure the School Board will not want those scandals exposed.

That is why the School Board meeting tonight (Monday, July 24, 2017 at 6:00 PM at the CCS Central Services Building) will show the true colors of the School Board. Tonight, the School Board will nominate a Board member to the CCC Board of Trustees to replace June Yarboro, whose term in office expired June 30, 2017.

The reason this particular appointment is so important is all four School Board appointments to the CCC Board of Trustees have voted as a solid block plus a couple of die-hard Trustees who, up to this point, have thrown the CCC Board of Trustees into a 6-6 tie vote, gridlock, in doing anything to right the wrongs at CCC. Mrs. June Yarboro has been a part of that School Board appointed block of four CCC Trustees (Lamont Littlejohn, Chris Turner, Larry Hamrick and June Yarboro) that the gridlock has minimized the investigation of the many allegations of wrong doing at CCC. Mrs. Yarboro’s vote, even after her term had expired threw the CCC Board of Trustees into gridlock in electing a new Board of Trustee Chairman as well as she voted to pay Thornburg the $200,000 if he would resign and leave CCC, despite Thornburg’s wrong doings and complete lack of judgement that warranted dismissal for cause.

Tonight at the School Board meeting the appointment of a CCC Board of Trustee member to replace Mrs. Yarboro is on the school board agenda. Sources indicate at least two candidates will be nominated. One is a status quo candidate who will likely be satisfied that the problems at CCC will all just go away when Thornburtg goes away from CCC (just like the School Board members whose position was everything at CCS was OK when Superintendent Bruce Boyles resigned) and one is a reform candidate who wants things at CCC to be done right and whatever is done is in the best interest of CCC and the students and not somebody’s pocketbook.

So, folks, come on out to the School Board meeting tonight. This is election year for the school board and you should be getting to know what your school board is doing and who needs to stay and who needs to go when the votes are counted on Election Day.

As for me, I have attended school board meetings for the past four years and I have already decided that Danny Blanton needs to be elected for another term and Bully glover, Kathy Falls and Donnie Thurman, Jr. need to be replaced with Robert Queen, Kevin Whisnant and Rodney Fitch.

Come on out and you decide for yourself. You might want to bring a chair cushion with you. The auditorium seating pre architect Roger Holland’s design are uncomfortable. Noisy too when the AC kicks in as it will do during this hot weather. If you are a Burns or Crest person, you might want to check out this auditorium to see if you want the same problems at your school.

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