School Board Votes 8-1 to Promote Preacher’s Daughter!!! And that is her only Qualification!!! Only Danny Blanton had enough sense to Vote NO!!! Another $100,000 plus Wasted at CCS!!! Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Breaking News–the very last thing coming out of the School Board’s Marathon three-and-a-half-hour meeting on June 10, 2019 was a “cloud-burst of stupidity.” After earlier in the meeting announcing the Retirement of John Yarbro as the Superintendent of CCS Maintenance, the School Board comes out of a closed-door meeting and CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher announces that the School Board had voted in closed session to promote Jennifer Wampler to the elevated position of “Executive” Maintenance Superintendent. Since closed session votes require an additional vote in open-session, Board Chairman Shearra Miller calls for that second vote to promote Wampler. The vote, without any discussion, was 8-1 to approve. School Board member Danny Blanton cast the only sane voted. NO! in an emphatic disapproval.

The short version of this story (a longer and more explained evaluation is forthcoming) is that HR Director Jennifer Wampler is 100% un-qualified for this newly created “Executive” Maintenance Superintendent position as she was 99% un-qualified for her previous HR Director’s Position.

Basically, all of Jennifer Wampler’s education, training and experience has been in the classroom as a teacher and principal at Bethware Elementary School. No education and, training and experience in Human Resources. And her on the job experience as the HR Director is worthless as a qualification for the new Executive Maintenance Superintendents position. And, to my understanding, CCS did not even attempt to find a qualified, candidate with education, training and experience in maintenance of school buses, 29 plus major facilities, construction, dealing with architects and mechanical vendors that are required for this position. It was a fix, start to finish.

Also, Wampler’s new salary and benefits in this new position will likely well exceed $100,000 per year. With ZERO qualified value added from Wampler. Taxpayers will have to pay this salary for Wampler and pay almost as much to hire or contract someone to tell Wampler what to do. About everything.

The only qualification Jennifer Wampler has for this position is she is the darling daughter of the Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Kings Mountain. But, apparently, that was enough for Superintendent Stephen Fisher and all the school board members except for Danny Blanton.
Hopefully the results of next year’s school board elections will add five new school board members with sense enough to make logical evaluations like Danny Blanton and make grown-up decisions.

Stay tuned folks, more will follow.

3 comments for “School Board Votes 8-1 to Promote Preacher’s Daughter!!! And that is her only Qualification!!! Only Danny Blanton had enough sense to Vote NO!!! Another $100,000 plus Wasted at CCS!!! Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

  1. Jasmine Bell
    June 11, 2019 at 11:29 am

    Wow just wow Mr. Williams the hiring system in CCS remains a joke. For years it’s been a well known hushed matter that in order for promotion in CCS one would need to be apart of First Baptist Church in Kings Mountain. The running joke has been that the real school board meetings are held at First Baptist and around their dinner tables. So many conflicts of interest have been made over the years including this one with numerous promotions of staff out of First Baptist. The sad thing is I know of individuals that have gotten their credentials for school leadership and joined First Baptist in hopes of promotion. Their hope was met with nothing but being a member because they were viewed as outsiders and not originals. This has been since the days before the school systems merged and it’s amazing that most high level promotions if one were to explore are from Kings Mountain. I have no vested interest in who works where in CCS but countless people of all races have been passed over for jobs they were qualified for because they didn’t grow up in the right church or join later in life and didn’t fit in. I’m unsure of how it could be investigated but it’s past time.

  2. Matthew Canipe
    June 13, 2019 at 9:08 am

    What qualifications does she have? Sounds like just hiring someone the superintendent likes not who’s best for the job and giving her a pay raise. Was this job listed? Like always everybody but Danny Blanton not looking out for the taxpayers just following the leader. This world would be so much better if people ran for office to improve the community not just for a little power.

  3. Michael O. Johnson
    June 18, 2019 at 8:58 am

    I’m failing to see how Jennifer Wampler is remotely qualified for this position. A facilities manager calls for tasked with overseeing facilities operations, managing facilities budgets, directing routine maintenance, responding to emergencies, managing risk, managing contractors, overseeing security and conducting site inspections. Facilities directors usually call for someone with a technical background, such as construction management or architectural engineering, along with certification.

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