School Board Shuts Down Public Participation!!! CCS wants Your Tax dollars-lots of them-but they don’t want YOU!! CCS deletes public speakers from CCS broadcasts!! CGG cameras to be at next School Board Meeting!! Report and prediction by Robert A. Williams

School Board Chairman Shearra Miller was once caught on record saying she didn’t want to hear any complaints about CCS. At the October 28, 2019 school board meeting made it happen. Oh, Miller heard lots of complaints alright, but she just made sure the people who wanted to watch the broadcast video didn’t hear any complaints. She deleted School Board Member Danny Blanton and everybody else from the public from the broadcast.

Miller also stated, from now on, she would move Public Participation from the start of the meeting to the last. Miller and her fellow nit-wits Roger Harris, Jo Boggs, Richard Hooker and Jeff Jones think they can keep the truth from the public. She is wrong!!!

Miller is wrong!!! I would expect that at the next School Board Meeting School Board Chairman Miller, Harris, Hooker, Boggs and Jones will find a video camera stuck right in their faces that they will have no control of. They might even see Robert A. Williams operating that camera and they already know they cannot control me from doing just that. And maybe TV Channels # and 9 too.

Want to see some proof that I can video their meetings whenever I want to. Click on this link below and watch several years of school board meetings that I had recorded and posted on this website. Too bad Miller, Hooker, Harris, Boggs and Jones. You can run but you can’t hide. And the law is on my side, NOT yours.

I suppose I should thank Chairman Miller, Hooker, Harris, Boggs and Jones. All y’all have shown your true colors. My views will be going straight up and those citizens reading my articles will increase too! I bet you didn’t think about that. So, here is a toast to you- “May you enjoy your retirement after the 2020 Elections!!” Hip-Hip-Hurray!!! Hip-Hip Hurray!!! Hip-Hip Hurray!!!

We recommend readers to watch the video below, from the Community Town Hall Meeting n Lawndale in September 2014. Advance to minute 22 through 27.

We have the same problems now that we had then. The solution is described and what to do about it is clearly stated. It is five years later but this applies just the same. Now that we will have school board elections in high turnout years, this can and will be accomplished. Tell all your friends and neighbors.

More about the October 28, 2019 school board meeting will be coming out soon. Stay tuned.

Click HERE if you don’t believe we can’t record the school board meetings. And other meetings too.

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Samantha Davis
1 year ago

CCS employees as well as other folks complaining that I said the “N” word at the last school board meeting. Some said it made them feel uncomfortable. Imagine how my daughter felt. Imagine how she feels now, the boy pushed her and said move “N” when my daughter beats his butt as she should have she gets 3 days OSS, an hour and a half later I get a call saying they decided to give her 5 days OSS and pressing charges through teen court. And where was these people that were so offended by me saying the “N” word when the teacher played the original version of oh Suzzanna? And she was not fired!! That song had the “N” word in it!! Folks are fake, they want me to shut up!! That will not happen!!!

1 year ago

Ever watch Alice in Wonderland? The Red Queen ain’t putting up with any mouth at any more of her school board meetings. Voters be damned. Taxpayers are Screwed. Even if it takes moving the meetings to a well house in Tolucca to avoid the voters.