School Board Member Roger Harris “Pokes Fun” at the Murder of 21 Year Old Iowa Girl, Mollie Tibbets, on his Facebook Page!!! Called “Inappropriate” and “Racist” by Baptist Minister!!!” Report by Robert A. Williams

While most of America was Praying for the safe return of missing Mollie Tibbets and contributing to the award surpassing $400,000 for her safe return, then praying for healing for her grief stricken family when her dead body is finally found, Good Ole Boy School Board Member Roger Harris is on his FaceBook page sharing a post showing a picture of Tibbets and calling for building the wall to keep illegal and dangerous crooks out of America. Harris adds his two cents by poking fun at the murder as well as all attempts to stop the crimes that keep on piling up. Harris also shows his racist side against Mexicans in the process and identifies himself as a member of the Cleveland County School Board. As well as mocking President Donald Trump in the process. Something Harris and his ilk have taken up doing as a habit.

That was just the start of it. (Well, the start of School Board Member Roger Harris’s foolishness on a National level. Harris has a long history of covering up sexual related crimes within the Cleveland County School systems. More later about that.)

Rev. Dante Murphy, a Baptist Minister and former President of the Cleveland County NAACP calls Harris out on his inappropriate, heartless and mocking post. A screen shot of Harris’ Post is shown at the end of this article.

But first, Rev. Murphy gives Harris the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps someone had “hacked” Harris’s FaceBook page. So, Rev. Murphy emails Harris and asked Harris to confirm that it was actually him that actually make the FaceBook post.

Harris replies saying:
“Rev. Murphy, thank you for contacting me. I have never seen that message about Crest High School. It says that it came from yahoo mail. I don’t have a yahoo mail account.
Roger Harris”

About that time Roger Harris deletes the posting in question from FaceBook. A typical indication of guilt with an intention to cover-up.

Rev. Murphy comes back:
“Mr. Harris,
Please refer to your posting. I am unable to access your posting, and wondered if it had been removed. As a proponent of free speech I want to be clear on your position regarding your post as it sounds like you support the building of the wall and the fact that “Mexicans” should write the check. Regardless I am elated to see someone, especially elected officials, take a stance on anything controversial. Blessings. ”

Roger Harris comes back with an angry tone:
“Rev. Murphy,
Let me be as clear as I can be. I am 100% opposed to Donald Trump building a wall on the border between the US and Mexico. I do not believe that Congress will approve such a wasteful expenditure of money. And, even though Mr. Trump has said it scores of times, I do not believe that the Mexican government is going to write a check to pay for such a wall. The Mexican President has made that clear a number of times.
However, as a private citizen I have no power to effect such a decision in Washington one way or the other. But if you are curious about my opinion, then that’s it.
I hope that you have a good weekend, sir. Please pray that we will have a safe and effective school year beginning on Monday.
Roger Harris /Cleveland County Board of Education

Note that Roger Harris is clearly avoiding the fact that the post he shared and added a comment to was totally in regard to MURDER of Mollie Tibbets by an illegal alien and that a wall should be built. The wall being an idea shared by millions who are concern with the crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Now, Rev. Murphy smells a rat:
“Mr. Harris,
Let me clarify my question. I have a FB screenshot from your account stating “Those darn Mexicans need to write the check! (They are still paying for the wall, right?)”. My desire was only to authenticate the screenshot, but you have now raised other concerns: 1) you are alluding the question of authenticating the post, 2) you are alluding any reference to those posts now being available to the public, and 3) your statement in the FB post is a direct contradiction to your email response.
Thanks for your response. ”

Harris comes back with more dodging the issue of his mocking the murder of Mollie Tibbets. With much more bull-oney:

“Dear Rev. Murphy,
Thank you for your email and for giving me the opportunity to explain.
I have known Brian Proctor for many, many years. He and I worked together for a long time and I have stayed in contact with him since I retired. He is a friend. However, he and I have opposite political views on most national issues. I never let politics determine who I am friends with. Brian is a Republican and I am a Democrat and we have engaged in good natured kidding with each other for as long as I can remember.

Mr. Proctor is a strong supporter of Donald Trump and, to say the least, I am not. He and I occasionally exchange comments with each other, sometimes online, to tease each other. It’s always good natured and neither he nor I are ever offended. It’s just two old boys picking at each other.

Mr. Proctor posed a picture about Mr. Trump building his wall. I have long teased Mr. Proctor about this wall, which I consider a foolish national goal. My comment to him that the Mexicans should quickly write the check for the wall is and example of me poking fun at him. For three years Mr. Trump has said Mexico is going to pay for the wall and I consider that idea ridiculous. I believe that it is absurd to believe that Mexico is going to pay for such a wall as Mr. Trump (and my friend, Mr. Proctor) continue to insist. My comment to my friend, Mr. Proctor, is obviously sarcasm. A fair reading could not come to any other conclusion. The comment is mockery and the reader should see that the meaning is irony. It’s like when the British refer to the Atlantic Ocean as the “pond”. They don’t really believe that the ocean is a pond; it’s sarcasm. Or a child who says, “Oh, we are having liver for dinner. Yum.” The child is really saying that she does not like liver. It’s sarcasm. When I wrote that “They are still paying for the wall, right?” that should be read as me telling Mr. Proctor that they are NOT ever going to pay for the wall. It’s sarcasm.

I regret that you did not see the obvious sarcasm in my comment to Mr. Proctor. I looked at my comment to Mr. Proctor again and I still believe that it should be read as light hearted sarcasm. Nevertheless, I deleted the comment on Facebook so that nobody else could read my playfulness with an old friend as a serious comment on national public policy.
Roger Harris”

But Rev. Murphy is not persuaded by the ever changing Bull-oney cover-up from Roger Harris:
“Mr. Harris,
As a courtesy to you I wish to inform that information regarding a recent inappropriate FB post by you is being released to the media for further investigation. For reasons previously sent to you via email it appears that you feel, at the least, your FB post was inappropriate as indicated by your refusal to acknowledge your involvement with such a sensitive matter. It also appears that in your response to me that you seem to push back on your support for the building of a border wall along the U.S. and Mexico boarder as was indicated in the post.

Those having concerns with your FB posting(s) are legitimate in their concerns based on a series of racial tensions including, but not limited to, a pending title IX investigation, a racist song being played by a (CCS) teacher, and free speech issues involving students at Burns Middle (High) School. (Also the infamous “Cotton” Fair Booth Scandal.)

It is my sincere hopes that you are able to articulate your true stance regarding the subject matter and put to rest any insinuations of racial biases towards people of Mexican origin.”

As previously stated, this media has already learned of very serious incidents of Roger Harris doing “inappropriate” things; both as a Principle at Crest High School and later as a school board member. Let’s list a few that come to the top:

1. While at Crest, Catching a female teacher (with high political connections) having sex at school with a student and helping cover it up.
2. While on the School board, assisting in the cover-up of many more instances of teachers having sex with students.
3. Assisting in the retaliation criminal charge against a female teacher for turning in a married school principle for having sex with a female teacher and showing her favoritism at his school.
4. Assisting in the cover-up of a female teacher having sexual encounters and taking pornographic pictures of herself on school property. This will likely become a “hot” election campaign issue in this years elections.
5. Leading the effort on the school board to cover-up and mitigate the credit card fraud at CCS that cost taxpayers Hundreds of thousands of dollars.
6. Supporting the illegal effort at CCS to suppress responses to legally made and legally required to provide responses to Freedom of Information Act and Public Records law requests for public documents and information.
7. According to sources, Roger Harris has already communicated with the other CCS School Board members regarding the controversy caused by his “inappropriate” FaceBook posting. Obviously looking for help in covering-up the firestorm Harris has caused.

And, last but not least;
Roger Harris, using his CCS provided email account, and under his CCS School Board mantra is mocking and “poking fun” at the heinous kidnapping and murder of a 21 year old Iowa woman at the hands of an illegal alien who was found to be stalking her. And, when he is caught, he leads police to her body, covered by corn stalks in a large Iowa corn.

From all Roger Harris has done and as shown in his actions reported in this article, Roger Harris “just doesn’t get it.” And, it has become obvious, Roger Harris fully deserves to be removed from his seat on the Cleveland County School Board. Either by a demanded resignation that CCS very often uses to get rid of employees who have been caught by CCS doing bad things before the word gets out, Or by expulsion by the other school board members. Expulsion, not censured, as that still keeps Harris in an oversight position to continue his foul doings. And If the School Board does not get rid of Roger Harris, we the voters should get rid of not only Harris, but Miller, Hooker, Jones and Boggs in the 2019 School Board Elections.

Better yet, make all five noted above resign immediately. Most of what Harris did, they were co-conspirators. And they all have been deemed “unfit” by the NC General Assembly as shown by their powers being stripped from them to appoint Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee members.

Cleveland County, especially the school kids in Cleveland County, would be well served by CCS getting rid of Roger Harris and Company from the School Board.

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