School Board Member Jo Boggs Abandons Burns School District, AND Upper Cleveland County School Kids and their Parents!!! Gossip Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note. I call this a gossip report because I want to protect my sources. However, I believe every word in this article is true.

Jo Boggs lives in Fallston, which is in Upper Cleveland County, and everybody know that is true. Jo Boggs has been a lifetime Democrat, yet she switched to Republican a few years ago as Republicans (often RINO Republicans) have taken over most County, State and Federal Elected Offices.

Jo Boggs has a daughter and son in law who work for Cleveland County Schools. They have a 13-year-old son who used to go to Burns and wants to play baseball. But Burns doesn’t have the baseball training facilities that Crest has. So, Jo’s son-in-law works at Crest. Jo’s daughter recently transfers from Burns to Crest. Jo’s grandson transfers from Burns to Crest, where there are better baseball training facilities. All this enabled by CCS rules that the kids of school employees who want to play sports can avoid the 365-day exclusion rule that every other kid has to abide by.

Now, you have to wonder. Why did Jo Boggs, as a former Cleveland County School Board member, a former County Commissioner, a former Chairman of the Cleveland County Commissioners and now back on the school board has not ever worked to make sure Burns had equal facilities as Crest, Shelby and Kings Mountain? Or, was it just easier for Jo to arrange for HER family members to move to the best facilities and forget about everybody else in Upper Cleveland County?

Also, you have to wonder, is that why Jo Boggs always goes along with the Kings Mountain and Shelby school board members? Does Jo Boggs just go along with the others to let them get what they want so Jo gets what she wants and to hell with everybody else?

Hey Jo, are YOUR neighbors and ME just missing something here? Set us straight Jo!!! Tell US, Why YOU don’t help your neighbor’s kids get the same opportunities at school that your family gets and your school board buddies’ kids get?

Or, are YOU just as corrupt as they are??? Or More corrupt?

Jo, tell us why anybody should vote for YOU in the 2020 elections for any office you might plan to run for!!! And, tell us NOW so we can fact-check what you say.

Otherwise, why don’t you just resign right now!!! And save yourself from the same embarrassment of your disgraced and defeated political buddy-Eddie Holbrook!!!

The same goes for Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris and Jeff Jones. And any of their elitist clones that might want to sneak into the school board race in the 2020 Elections! We want a clean sweep of the School Board and informed voters can make it happen.

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