School Board Gets a Dose of their Own Medicine!!! Suspend Students–Get Lawsuits!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Remember back just a few weeks ago when the Cleveland County Schools were encouraging students to “walkout” of class to advocate gun control. Even though “walkouts” violate CCS’s own policies which call for 10 day suspensions. The Shelby Star was there to take pictures of the students and none were suspended.

Then, one week later, another group of students were planning a “Walkout” to advocate and support the Shelby High School Girl Softball Team having equal facilities. I suggested Burns and Crest join in too as they don’t have equal facilities with Shelby And Kings Mountain High Schools, Auditoriums, swimming pools and such.

If you scroll back you will see my report where CCS threatened all these other students with suspensions if they protested and walked out of class. That is the way it has always been. CCS Breaks their own rules when they want to, but you do the same thing and you get punished.

Well, that may be the way it has always been, but times are changing. Federal Lawsuits seem to be the only thing that gets CCS attention and they have been served notice.

Enough from me, The Rev. Dante Murphy has served notice on CCS. This is the message Rev. Murphy sent to the School Board and Supt Fisher. It is not business as usual.


From: Rev. Dante Murphy

To: Cleveland County Board of Education, Superintendent Fisher, Eddie Holbrook

Dr. Fisher,
I will began working with families across the state of North Carolina in organizing school walkouts for various causes that promote humanity. While I did not personally agree with children being allowed to engage in civil disobedience, the ultimate goal is to assure that future walkouts will be equally protected. In the event of any suspensions, I will work with citizens to file lawsuits accordingly. It has come to my attention that during the last scheduled walkout of the softball team there was an announcement made over the intercom that any students participating will be suspended. I am hopeful that you will discourage future threats.

Although my association with this project is independent of my association with the NAACP, refer you to to review the letter sent to the Pender County School System. In the event Cleveland County Schools has developed a plan for future walkouts I would ask that you send it to me.

I regret having to use Shelby High School as a pilot for this project, but the groundwork is already set due to the numerous injustices in place within the county. Thank you and if you should feel the need to contact me, please do so via email. Blessings.

“A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Rev. Dante’ A. Murphy

I say “Amen” to Rev. Murphy. The time for talking to CCS is over. They refuse to pay attention and follow the rules. Whether those rules are their on Policies of North Carolina Law. I believe a Federal Judge and Jury can set them straight. And Rev. Murphy has already tackled Cleveland County DSS and won and is starting in on the Cleveland County Commissioners. Counting the legal action being brought against the Commissioners, a lawsuit already started against the CCS School Board and lawsuits against the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees; the whole of Cleveland County local government is about to get their wings clipped. It is about time.

Stay Tuned

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