School Board Discrimination at Early College over “Gay Pride” !!! –Similar to Fair Booth “Cotton” Ban– –Report by Robert A. Williams

Reliable sources have informed me that recently a number of Cleveland County Early College (Located at the LeGrand Center on the Cleveland Community College campus) students decided to support “gay pride” by wearing tee-shirts marked up with colorings and designs that identify with the Gay Pride movement. The very next day other students wear tee-shirts that identify with those that do not support the Gay Pride movement. The students that wore the tee-shirts that did not support Gay Pride were sent home on a one day suspension. A disciplinary action that will likely show up on those student’s school records.

Like the School Board and Superintendent actions regarding to the banning of the Burns High School FFA Fair Booth related to the agricultural heritage of cotton in Cleveland County, all you hear from CCS is a deafening silence and denial that anything was done wrong.

Of course the next thing that will be heard is this factual and truthful article is “divisive” for Cleveland County and everyone should just “Come together in Brotherly Love.” Of course that “coming together” always means YOU abandon YOUR morals and scruples and let the sinners take over everything. Which has already included removing Prayer and the Bible from our schools.

Well folks. I don’t buy into any of that divisive labeling and coming together crapola. This is America and this is an Election Year. Our system of government is based on those candidates with differing sides and opinions lining up on election day and the voters making their choices on which direction we are going to take.

And we are divided. About 80% to 20%.

A few years ago we had a referendum on gay marriage. 80% of Cleveland County voted against gay marriage to only 20% for. But did the “Coming together crowd” accept the vote. NOOOO! They found a deranged democrat Federal Judge to overturn the millions of voters and citizens in NC against gay marriage. And then we elected President Donald Trump who then appointed a conservative Judge to the Supreme Court. In time President Trump will appoint more conservative judges to the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts who will overturn all these stupid past rulings that went totally against the will of the people.

But, hey! We don’t have to wait for President Trump to do our work for us in straightening out OUR School Board. All we have to do is get ourselves out to vote on Election Day, November 7, 2017, just a bit over 30 days away and vote for Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant for the Cleveland County School Board. But don’t believe me. Stop by their team shelter at the Fair and talk to them yourselves. Read their campaign material. Go to their functions. Put their signs in your yard. (Donate some money to their campaign if you can.) Make up your own minds. That’s what I did. (Besides going to all those school board meetings.)

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