School Board Cover-ups being Investigated!!! List by Robert A. Williams

Folks, and all Cleveland County School Board members, take note. The CCS School Board is legally responsible for providing policies, under North Carolina Law, for the lawful operation of Cleveland County Schools. The CCS School Board is also responsible for hiring a superintendents and insuring all policies, State and Federal laws are carried out. If you don’t believe that, then you should note that if the Schools are sued, the lawsuit is brought against the School Board. As proof, don’t believe me, a Federal lawsuit has been filed against CCS and the Defendants are the CCS Board of Education. That’s a fact. Go to the Federal Courthouse in Asheville if you don’t believe me. Or scroll way back for the article I wrote about it and attached a copy of the lawsuit.

So, let’s add that particular Federal Lawsuit to the top of the list of CCS Cover-ups.

Cover-up List at CCS that I am investigating and will write about soon:

1. The Federal Lawsuit Against the CCS School Board. There are major retaliations against the people that filed that lawsuit. Cruel and unconstitutional retaliations that I find hard to believe, much less what the public would be likely to want to believe. Be prepared to have your asses kicked with the truth hard enough to pull your heads out of the sand. No prisoners will be taken on this one. Or any of the others on this list for that matter.

2. The Shelby High School Title IX violations and the alleged sexual assault by the football player that CCS is keeping quiet about. Law enforcement too.

3. The widespread and multiple sex scandals at Shelby Middle School that high level CCS employees committed perjury and obstruction of justice over in a phony court case to keep covered up.

4. The involvement of school board members and former school board members in the fake news ethics complaint against Speaker of the House Tim Moore.

5. The political involvement of the school board members and staff in the recent walkout of students protesting for gun control. Their involving children for their own political agenda.

6. The CCS gun control agenda as it jeopardizes the safety and security of our children while they are in class at Cleveland County Schools.

7. The willful sabotage of our children’s future employment by refusing to teach vocational courses at CCS.

8. The wasteful spending in the planning and construction of the new North Shelby School Project.

9. False and misleading statements by CCS Board members and staff in official meetings.

10. Illegal closed sessions used by the CCS School Board to hide the truth from the public. And from public records.

Stay tuned folks. Don’t miss one of these article that will be coming soon. Along with others. Share with your friends and get out to vote on Election Day.

Also Folks, call up your favorite school board members and ask them about the items on this list. Chances are they will tell you they don’t know anything about any of this. You will know right that instant that such fools are not needed on the school board. What is needed is board members that ask questions, keep track of what is going on and will make corrections to many and major problems at CCS.

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