School Board Chairman Shearra Miller won first prize!!! In a Liar’s Contest between Her and the Shelby Star!!! Says the CCS Board Meeting Video “Isn’t Accurate” Says School Board Meeting Minutes Ain’t Accurate either! Report and judgement by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: I have attended almost every school board meeting since Danny Blanton was sworn in on the School Board about six years ago. Those that I missed I watched on the CCS Video. Before the school board started videoing their meetings, I had the meetings video recorded. Many faithful readers will remember that. I have also read the minutes for every school board meeting during this time. I will assure every reader and citizen in Cleveland County, with 100% accuracy, that never in the history of the Cleveland County Schools, while Danny Blanton was a School Board Member, has the School Board Chairman EVER allowed Danny Blanton to have a separate item on the agenda, with his name on it, to speak up about anything at any time. And, like I have said many times, “Don’t believe a word I just said. Look it up for yourself. Watch the video Broadcast!!” As of right now 2,363 people have taken up my challenge to watch the video for the August 26, 2019 School Board Meeting. A number that is bound to rise even more with the CCS Cover-up article put out by the Shelby Star, today, September 19, 2019. Folks, go back and watch the August 12, and August 26, 2019 CCS Broadcasts and see for yourself. Don’t let the Shelby Star, who was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by CCS to give good press for CCS. That was YOUR TAXDOLLARS. Ask Shearra Miller about that.

The Shelby Star published an article today, September 19, 2019, regarding School Board Member Danny Blanton signing up to speak during the Public Participation portion or the School Board Agenda. An agenda item that is dictated by North Carolina State Law. The article is titled School Board Member repeatedly signs up for public comment. That School Board member is Danny Blanton and the Star article title is true. But that title is just about the only thing in the article that is true. Especially those statements from School Board Chairman Shearra Miller.

For instance: The Star Article says;

Shearra Miller, school board chair, said the claim that she won’t allow Blanton to speak isn’t accurate.

“There’s a difference between putting an item on the agenda and put (Blanton) on the agenda. When I hear the words ‘put me on the agenda’ I hear that as ’I just want time to talk,” said Miller. “The last time he asked me to put an item on the agenda was the Aug. 12 meeting and we did that; we felt that was a legitimate item for him to bring up.”

Now, go back and read the Editor’s Note at the beginning of this article. Apparently Shearra Miller is delusional and residing square in the middle of the “Twilight Zone.” Something the Star reporter failed to determine. Miller just stated that her own meeting minutes and public broadcasts of School Board meeting minutes are false, when the opposite is true. That Shearra Miller is false. And apparently stung badly by my previous articles and the Strong video showing of the August 26, 2019 meeting. Folks, go back and read my previous articles and read, sea and hear the truth of this matter.

But Miller likes talking to the Star. They are apparently in the Twilight Zone with Shearra Miller and neither would recognize the truth if it hit them square in the face.

Stay Tuned Folks, my prediction is YOU ain’t heard nothing yet!!! Also, come on out to the September 21, 2019 school board meeting. Sit up front with me and watch the Shearra Miller Fantasy Show. You will likely get mad when you see for yourself how hard the eight “monkeys” on the School Board try to silence Danny “Doctor Einstein” Blanton” and try to hide the truth of the matter. Apparently, the monkeys don’t know any other way to do.

We can get rid of five of them in the 2020 elections. If we get five good ones to go along with Danny Blanton, the control goes from 8-1 in favor of the monkeys to 6-3 in favor of doing the right thing. That would be a super-majority who could take control immediately and get rid of the various Monkey Business within CCS.

See ya at the meeting Monday night. Tell Shearra Miller that Robert A. Williams invited you!!! Make her day.

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Robert A Williams
1 year ago

Correction: The next School Board Meeting is Monday, September 23rd at 6:00 PM. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Hope to see you there.