School Board Caught in Another Lie!!!  –Besides their “No Traditional Graduation” Fiasco!!!   –And another likely Lawsuit against CCS may be coming soon!!!  Report by Robert A. Williams

 The Cleveland County School Board, especially at last Monday’s meeting (June 8, 2020) has been caught red-handed in lie after lie. Caught so bad by the citizens that were present, that Chairman Shearra Miller-up for reelection-was noted to have broke down crying. Shedding crocodile tears-right before my eyes as I was sitting up front and center-directly in front of her.

I also signed up for Citizen’s Recognition and put my two-cents worth in about the School Board’s standing lockstep with Governor Roy Cooper’s stupidity on keeping lots of things locked down for political reasons. Like the School’s normal and traditional graduating ceremonies. And sticking with Cooper’s stupid narrative that cost North Carolina over $200 Million when President Trump called Cooper’s hand and moved the Republican National Convention out of North Carolina. Yes folks, the NO Traditional Graduation decision and Cooper’s foot-dragging that cost Charlotte and NC $200 Million plus are related. But that will soon be covered in another article.

This article is about the lies and corruption by the school board that cost Wysheka Nance her job at CCS. An illegal action that was the Closed Session item that caused a Special Called School Board meeting on May 27,2020.

During a later meeting, the May 27, 2020 meeting minutes carried the following paragraph for that Closed Session which stated:

”Shearra Miller called for a motion to approve the dismissal of Wyshekia Nance as recommended by the superintendent in the closed session discussion. ON A MOTION BY ROGER HARRIS, SECONDED BY DR. JOHN C. HAMRICK, JR. the Board of Education voted 8 to 1 to approve the dismissal of employee Wyshekia Nance as recommended by the superintendent. Danny Blanton stated he voted “no” on the motion because a police investigation should have been done.”

 I smelled a rat when I read that paragraph and included the paragraph in a previous article.

 Normally I do not include a person’s name when I write articles, but this time I decided to leave the paragraph exactly as the School Board approved it in their meeting minutes-an official record. I was hoping to get a response from Wyshekia Nance.

 And I did get a response from Ms. Nance. This is what I learned.

Ms. Nance had a personal business completely outside and separate from her CCS job where she does custom artwork on T-Shirts, trays and other items. Somehow somebody from CCS decided some of Ms. Nance’s artwork was “offensive” to CCS’s and that Ms. Nance would have to resign. Ms. Nance refused to resign because she was doing nothing wrong. So, the School Board called a special meeting and voted to dismiss Ms. Nance.

According to the minutes shown above, Danny Blanton voted against dismissing Ms. Nance because there was no police investigation that indicated any crime or any wrongdoing. It is likely that Ms. Nance was NOT present in that closed session and that Supt. Fisher misrepresented the whole thing to the school board in the first place. It apparently was not disclosed that other CCS employees also were doing similar artwork business outside of CCS and were not subject to discipline. A clear violation of the 14th Amendment.

But Ms. Wyshekia was officially dismissed anyway. And is likely seeking an attorney to file a major Federal Lawsuit against CCS. More power to Ms. Wyshekia Nance whose only offence appears to be that she stood up for her constitutional rights.

And the CCS School Board is caught up in another lie and in another cover-up!!!

If you are fed up with the School Board’s wrongdoings that seem to never end. And you wonder what it will take to end such illegal acts, the answer is simple. Vote for Robert Queen, Ron Humphries, Joel Shores, Rodney Fitch and Samantha Davis in the 2020 School Board elections on November 3, 2020. Do this and such as this will disappear from the face of Cleveland County Schools. Hopefully forever!!! And when the mess is cleaned up, every effort will be directed to the proper education of the 15,000 students at CCS.

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