SCEPUL/Citizens Request Security for Protest Events!!! ALWS, Seventh Inning Stretch, School Board, CCC, Commissioners, City of Shelby Meetings, etc. No more “Fake” Assaults! No More Charlottesville’s!!! Eliminating Corruption is the Purpose of our Protest-Election Efforts!! Good Government is our Goal!! Report and request by Robert A. Williams

Last night (December 3, 2019) at the Cleveland County Commissioner’s Meeting, under the “Citizens Recognition” portion of the Meeting Agenda, Robert A. Williams of Citizens For Good Government announced to the Cleveland County Commissioners that he had been asked to join-(and accepted)-the SCEPUL (Southern Coalition for Equal Protection Under the Law) movement in various Boycotts, Protests and Demonstrations at the American Legion World Series games and other events, occurrences, meetings, etc. in 2020 in Cleveland County.

A “Citizens Recognition” or “Public Participation” parts of the Commissioner’s Meetings, as well as School Board Meetings Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee Meetings, City of Shelby Town Council Meetings and such are required by State law to encourage local governmental agencies to allow members of the public the opportunity to be a part of governmental processes. But all these agencies in Cleveland County have conspired to craft their legally required public participation in such a way as to discourage, with the intent to eliminate any real public input into anything. They limit the time to three minutes-to the second-and never pay attention or follow up with what the public has to say. This has resulted in lawsuits, state and Federal, against the Cleveland County Commissioners, the School Board, the City of Shelby as well as the CCC Board of Trustees that are being drafted or pending at this very moment.

This three-minute public participation is also the only way School Board Member Danny Blanton is allowed to speak at School Board Meetings. As of the last School Board meeting of November 25, 2019, the School Board Chairman has foolishly moved their “Public Participation” to the very end of their meetings to further discourage the public from actually participating in anything. Go to the CCS website videos of their meetings and see for yourself. Scroll toward the end as this is a long meeting.

Anyway, at the December 3, 2019 Commissioner’s meeting, during the legally required but overly restrictive “Citizens Recognition” time limits, there was not enough time to fully include or explain hardly anything about the Boycotts, protests, demonstrations, candidates’ forums and related security issues. So, I did not even try.

Therefore, the expected security coverage for those events and occurrences are hereby officially requested:

1. All City of Shelby and Cleveland County governing bodies (including School Board) and Law Enforcement are asked to provide to me any and all Ordinances, Policies and Permit Requirements for an active and manned Boycott, Protest, Sit-Ins and Demonstrations by local and NON-Local participants at and within the American Legion World Series Baseball, Inc. Event in August 2020 as well as for the Seventh Inning Stretch-also in August 2020 in Downtown Shelby.

2. The same request as cited above for protest events at County Commissioner Meetings, School Board Meetings and Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee Meetings. Outside and inside the meeting chambers as well as on the street. During meeting times and at other times.

3. The same request as cited above for protest events at the Cleveland County Law Enforcement Center and the Old Courthouse (Earl Scruggs Center-a county owned property). Especially at the War Memorials-WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Civil War Soldier and during events such as the Livermush Fest, Alive After Five events and other Courthouse Square events and Parades.

4. The same request as cited above for our sponsored events such as 2020 Candidates Forums
Note: We are carefully planning our events to prevent such “fake” assaults” as was falsely claimed against Mr. Willie Green (and the false claim later repeated on Political Smackdown) after and outside the City of Shelby’s City Council Meeting held November 18, 2019. Also, we do NOT want to be another Charlottesville or any such act of violence in between. We have to accept that, in this day and time, there is always the chance of a “lone wolf” act of violence. Therefore, we are planning well and well in advance to prevent or minimize that possibility. And, we expect YOUR assistance in planning and implementing these peaceful events.

For the Public’s Attention:

We are NOT protesting the American Legion organization.
We are NOT protesting Veterans or any Veterans Organizations or veterans groups.
We are NOT protesting Baseball or any particular baseball team or organization that plays that game.
We are NOT protesting any race, creed, ethnicity, Religion, Free Speech or human thought or actions that are peaceful and non-violent in nature.

We ARE protesting the corruption associated with the American Legion World Series Baseball, Inc. a local Organization and those corrupt officials in Cleveland County Government who have adopted the name American Series World Series and secretly stolen $Millions from taxpayers and citizens of Cleveland County and North Carolina for the sole benefit of the ALWS Baseball, Inc. Organization.

We ARE protesting the corruption within Cleveland County Government in any form that stifles free speech and stifles public input at governmental meetings and operations.

We ARE protesting corruption in any form and by any person or persons involved with any government body or agency at any and every level and location.

We ARE protesting FAKE News and the MIS-EDUCATION of our children and the public that make them susceptible to the fake news and the associated fake political propaganda.

Our National Boycott, Protest and Demonstration at the 2020 American Legion world Series games in Shelby, NC is just the START of a Movement to Clean up corruption in government at every level during the Elections of 2020 and beyond.

Why SCEPUL includes a National Boycott and Protest at the 2020 ALWS Games in Shelby, NC as a part or our Protest movement against corruption and political manipulation?
1. National Attention. ALWS draws from a national audience.
2. Shelby is where Dylan Roof was captured after his Mass Murder spree in Charleston, SC.
3. Cleveland County Government is well known for corruption, Plantation Politics and stifling public speech and public input into local governmental business.
4. Shelby/Cleveland County was one of the 40 NC Counties on the US DOJ watch list for race-based voter suppression.
5. Both the historical Thomas Dixon, Jr and the present NC Speaker of the House lived/lives in Shelby and Cleveland County.
6. The ALWS Games are scheduled August 13-18, 2020-right before the 2020 Republican Presidential Nominating Convention of August 24-27, 2020 in nearby Charlotte, NC. Thus, enhancing National publicity.
7. Possible cheap rental of Willie Green Property adjacent to ALWS for camping and protest assembly. Holly Oak Park facilities nearby. Also, WEG property up the road on E. Dixon Blvd.
8. ALWS Baseball, Inc. is a net loser for Cleveland County Taxpayers at a rate of $1 Million per year.
9. Protesters from outside Cleveland County represent a positive economic revenue gain for Cleveland County.
10. ALWS Security already provided for by Local Sheriff’s Department and Shelby Police Department. Elements of the National Guard are usually present with equipment displays.

Stay tuned folks, 2020 will be a busy Election Year. Signup for elected office in Cleveland County and NC is open right now thru 12 noon December 20th. Get yourself registered if you are not registered. Make sure you vote on Election Day. Primary elections as well as the general elections in November 2020.

Editor’s Note: Folks, and especially candidates for elected office: Eliminating Corruption in Cleveland County Government is our Purpose. Good Government is our Goal. We will Beware of anyone who is against that!!!

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