Ron Humphries for School Board!!! Another “Engineer” for Change in a Loser School System!!! Report, evaluation, analysis and recommendation by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This is what I wrote in the lead-in to Robert “Mr. Wizard” Queen’s recommendation for the Cleveland County School Board article. This also applies to the other Republican School Board candidates and Especially to Robert Queen and Ron Humphries. Both being graduate Engineers with a lifetime of experience in following a logical path to the identification of problems and then fixing the problems in an efficient and cost-effective manner. And always following up with a follow-up examination of the fix to ensure the problem is truly fixed or needs additional fixing to become a totally appropriate fix for the problem.

“Folks, when you hear all the campaign lies from incumbent school board members Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Roger Harris, all you will hear is good news. About how things are going so well at CCS and all that other fake news stuff.
But, when you attend most of the School Board Meetings, and especially when you drill deep onto the issues and statistics, you realize that CCS is packed with problems and issues. Almost half the graduating students can’t read, write and do math with any proficiency. With all the “Close the Gap” efforts, none have not closed any gaps. But opened up another gap. After white students have been given all the dumbed down classes to close the gap with black students, Asian Students are now performing better that the white students. No vocational education to speak of. Tax dollars ae wasted with wild abandon. There are no good long-term plans for future school construction. CCS is just a mess of epic proportions.”

In my article suggesting that Robert “Mr. Wizard” Queen should be elected to the school board and then elected to be the Chairman of the School Board, my reasoning was provided based partly on Mr. Wizard’s” many years of attendances to school board members, as well as his education, training, experience, skills and being on the top of the “learning curve” regarding the actual deep and dark facts at CCS. Ron Humphries has all these same necessary attributes; except he is not as high on the “learning curve as Mr. Wizard.” Mr. Humphries will get there quickly enough. Robert “Mr. Wizard” Queen is the recommended new Chairman of the newly elected School Board. Mr. Ron Humphries should be elected as the Vice Chairman of the Newly Elected School Board. Hey both would be the nucleus that Newly elected school board members Junie Barrett, Rodney Fitch and Matthew Canipe work around to form a new School Board Majority that would begin the task of reforming Cleveland County Schools into quality operation such that education in Cleveland County has not seen in over 50 years. When education in the United States was Number One in the World.

As previously stated, Mr. Ron Humphries is an Engineer. Retired from the State Department of Transportation. On Mr. Facebook page and also stated at the February 11th Candidates Forum, Ron Humphries, as every trained engineer knows, that a Continuous Improvement Program for anything, relies on finding and fixing problems. From making a workable and cost-effective part for an automobile or running an organizations-such as Cleveland County Schools. Oh, every incumbent school board incumbent running for re-election and the superintendent too will say they already have a “Continuous Improvement Program. Only thing is, if you can get them to describe their program, it is anything but finding and fixing problems. Therefore, problems will always exist with school boards like we presently have at CCS. But, don’t believe me. Go watch some of the CCS meeting broadcast.

And, while I am saying don’t believe me, lets go straight to what Mr. Ron Humphries himself says on his Facebook page.

On Trust and Transparency, Mr. Humphries says:

“Transparency builds Trust
Recent articles in the Star and discussions on Political Smackdown about Cleveland County Schools illustrate why transparency is vital to the health of our school system. Talking with citizens around the county has made it clear that a lack of faith and trust in our school system is prevalent. Our current school board seems to prioritize optics, not “looking bad,” over being open and honest with the public. Trying to sweep issues under the rug only makes matters worse. This is particularly true when students are potentially involved. Parents must be rapidly and factually notified about any situation that could affect their child. The old adage “Sunlight is the best medicine” is certainly applicable here.
With 14,000 students, 29 campuses, and over 2,000 employees bad things are occasionally going to happen. When a problem arises, every effort should be made to openly share relevant information. The only exception being personnel or student issues protected by confidentiality laws.
In addition, I believe that all spending and budget reports should be made available in a digital standardized format for free access and download. This will comply with the Federal DATA Act of 2014. Citizens have the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent and the duty to hold elected officials accountable.
Transparency builds trust. Trust is a foundational building block for a great school system.
You deserve a school board that represents and reflects your values. Together we can make it happen!
Please visit for more about me and my vision for Cleveland County Schools.

On Fair treatment of black, brown and white students and employees, Mr. Ron Humphries says:
“I hope and pray that all of the students, teachers, and staff are always treated fairly and equally. I suspect it’s just as likely that if discrimination problems occur, they would fall along socio-economic lines. All I can do is make the commitment to help write and establish policies to make sure that the diverse needs of our students and teachers are met and that all will be treated equally and fairly. I understand that policies aren’t magic and with over 14,000 students and 2000 teachers, that are all human, problems will from time to time surface. I promise that I will do my best and always be open and truthful when dealing with tough issues.”

Ron Humphries also says:
“It is my desire for Cleveland County Schools to provide a safe, supportive learning environment and exceptional care to our students and staff.
You might ask, how do you plan to accomplish this?
First, a novel approach, engage the public for thoughts and input. This is our school system not mine. Total transparency is crucial!
We’ll need to continually improve our classrooms by providing for different learning styles and by giving our teachers flexibility to teach as they see fit. One size does not fit all in education!
We should offer a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs and expectations of our communities.
We must always be guided by our principles and core values of honesty, loyalty, respect, and compassion.
I love calling Cleveland County home. My goal is for our children and grandchildren to do so as well. A strong and effective school system is the engine that can help move us in that direction.
Together we can make it happen!

Together, in the case of Cleveland County Schools in 2020m means electing the Five Candidates as shown below. Five candidates that will work together to make a difference. A difference from failing schools like we have now to schools that succeed in properly education all of our children.

Therefore, it is obvious that Robert “Mr. Wizard” Queen, Matthey Canipe, Junie Barrett, Rodney Fitch and Ron Humphries be elected to the Cleveland County School Board, starting with the 2020 Republican Primary Elections.

For your convenience a “Sample Ballot” replica for the County Commissioners and the School Board are provided below. These are our recommendations.

Please get out to vote on March 3, 2020 or during early voting. Print out the recommended sample ballots shown below and vote accordingly. You will be glad you did.

2020 Republican Primary Elections for County Commissioner
Sample Ballot

2020 Republican Primary Elections for School Board
Sample Ballot

Note: You can print off this page and take it to the Voting booth with you.
Nobody has the authority to take this voting guide away from you. Inside the polling place or outside.
You also have my permission to copy this page and pass the copies around as voting guides for your friends, neighbors and relatives.

Thank you for voting.

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