Robert “Mr. Wizard” Queen for School Board Chairman!!! The best “Engineer” for Change in a Loser School System!!! Report, evaluation, analysis and recommendation by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note:
When you hear all the campaign lies from incumbent school board members Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Roger Harris, all you will hear is good news. About how things are going so well at CCS and all that other fake news stuff.
But, when you attend most of the School Board Meetings, and especially when you drill deep onto the issues and statistics, you realize that CCS is packed with problems, issues and then more problems and issues. Almost half the graduating students can’t read, write and do math with any expected proficiency. With all the “Close the Gap” efforts, none have closed any gaps. But opened up another gap. After white students have been given all the dumbed down classes to close the gap with black students, Asian Students are now performing better that the white students. No vocational education to speak of. Tax dollars ae wasted with wild abandon. There are no good long-term plans for future school construction. Crazy lawsuits against the Sheriff.
Bathroom lawsuits that will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court. CCS is truly a mess of epic proportions.

So, folks, what we need now is a Wizard. A Mr. or Ms. Wizard to straighten out this mess. And now, we have one. A Mr. Wizard for the School Board. Someone who can pull together the skills and strengths of the other newly elected school board members. A new Chairman of the Board who can run meetings with transparency. Will respect the ideas and concerns of the other school board members as well as parents, taxpayers and the public. A person who can read the numbers and understand where the problems are and how to resolve them. A person who has attended many school board meetings, offered help in finding solutions that are cost effective and produce maximum results, only to have his offer of help turned down many times. A person who will follow state laws as written and will not accept less than maximum effort-from everybody. A person who will fill positions with the best qualified, independent of gender, race or creed. And especially not one based on they are related to. And MORE.

Robert P. Queen is who I am speaking of. Mr. Wizard Queen is a Cleveland County native and a North Carolina State University graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering. Mr. Queen’s studies and experience have taught him how to turn concepts into reality. And how to develop the proper and necessary concepts to begin with, based on valid and accurate calculated needs of the situation-something the present school board has NEVER been able to get right. How to properly plan and execute well thought out, openly discussed and cost-effective resolutions for problems and issues at hand. Based on valid “engineering” type logic that has built our nation into number one in the world and put men on the moon. School Board Candidate, Robert “Mr. Wizard” Queen will bring sanity, reason and lawful actions back into the process of governing and providing leadership responsibility to the Cleveland County School Board’s efforts. No more behind closed door hanky-panky stuff. Much more public input and participation.

Robert “Mr. Wizard” Queen has been taught and uses logic based, critical and common sense thinking that was first developed in Ancient Greece by the likes of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. And improved upon in the 3,000 years ever since. Mr. Wizard understands that many mistakes were made in Educational methods over the past 50 years that have brought American Education from Number One in the world to about Number 15 or lower at the present. Mr. Wizard understands that vocational education and all education must begin at an early age and progress over time, building on one lesson to learn the next lesson. No more fly by night gimmick education like “Common Core” for Mr. Wizard.

Robert “Mr. Wizard” Queen also knows and understands that a school system is just that-a system. Everything from school construction, driving school buses, heating and cooling buildings, administration of everything- including personnel, school security, workforce development all the way to lesson plans and snow days must be dealt with properly. And dealt with in a transparent, efficient and cost-effective manner. Never just throwing money at anything and expecting a “pie-in-the-sky” result.

And, how do I know this? I have watched and observed Robert Mr. Wizard Queen for many years. Attending school board meetings, speaking to the school board, pointing out problems and costly waste in new school construction. And offering solutions. Something I have done myself, with no attention paid to either of us by the present school board.

So, Mr. Wizard’s role is to replace the school board Chairman. And my role, and YOUR role is to help get people like Robert “Mr. Wizard” Queen elected and other candidates like Matthew Canipe, Junie Barrett, Ron Humphries and Rodney Fitch elected too. So that they can all work their own skills and talents into a School Board majority that, once elected, will hammer out the changes that need to be made and quickly implement them. The future of our children depends on doing just that!!!

Stay tuned for information regarding the other School Board Candidates. Commissioners too.

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