Robbie Morgan for Commissioner!!! Detail and Truth Oriented-No Nonsense Approach!!! Total Transparency–No Secret Wheelings and Dealings-Ever!!! Just what Cleveland County Needs!!! Report, facts, evaluation and recommendation by Robert A. Williams

Let’s look at some facts that the incumbent commissioners forget to tell you:

1. Cleveland County is a “Dying County.” State measures say so. But the commissioners refuse to say so. Therefore, nothing gets done but some hot air blown around about how good things are in Cleveland County. When records say different.

2. Management problems all around. Lawsuits too. The Federal Lawsuit against the Commissioners for enabling sexual harassment at Animal Control. And what do the Commissioners do? They use a cronyism approach and hire an out-of-town sexual harasser at the EMS. Gotta even out the sexual harassment around the county agencies I suppose. Even import one from another county. To show everybody that sexual harassment is alive and well in Cleveland County. That sexual harassment will not only be tolerated, it will be encouraged. And promoted. Take one of the well-run county agencies, EMS, and turn loose a bunch of unnecessary turmoil on it. A sure sign of bad leadership at the Commissioner level. And everybody that says anything is retaliated against. Same with the $Millions wasted on the American Legion World Series and a few other “Black Holes” where tax dollars go and disappear without a trace. A sure “sign” or indicator of graft and corruption. Remember the secret $1,000,000 check the county wrote to Eddie Holbrook’s ALWS Baseball, Inc. and the secret “Payola” payments the county made for ESPN to cover the ALWS games. Ask Johnny Hutchins and Ronnie Whetstine about that.

3. All kinds of tax referendums that failed, accounting gimmicks, and just plain out lies about Cleveland County’s financial health-we’re broke!! And the NO INTEREST $77,000,000 loan for Carolina Medical to buy the Hospital. And other no interest loans to the Earl Scruggs Center, the Fair and perhaps others.

4. The boondoggles! Ask Johnny Hutchins and Ronnie Whetstine to explain the boondoggle trips they took, including their wives. Ask them if the returned any money to the County after I inquired about the boondoggles.

5. The cheating at the February 13, 2020 Commissioner’s Candidate Forum at CCC. Where incumbent Commissioners Johnny Hutchins and Ronnie Whetstine were caught with “Cheat Sheets” answers for the supposedly “secret” forum questions. All on County Letterhead stationery. Note that I have made a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act and North Carolina Public Records laws for those “cheat sheets” and who provided the secret questions to the commissioners. No reply has been made.

It is also a fact that I have known Robbie Morgan in a political setting for many years. Robbie Morgan ran for coroner a few years back in a highly contested election and won. Only to have the Commissioners foolishly abolish the office of Coroner when Robbie Morgan’s wife made a comment on a Commissioner’s wife’s Facebook page regarding a boondoggle trip all the Commissioners and others took to Washington, DC at taxpayer’s expense. I followed that sad episode closely while it was happening and discovered much deception and outright lies being told by the County Commissioners. All the while Robbie Morgan had turned the Coroner’s Office into a well-organized, policy and procedure oriented and cost-effective machine. Only to have it destroyed by a bunch of vengeful commissioners.

But, Robbie Morgan’s education, experience and training in the nuclear industry had manifested itself into a shining example of how a governmental office should be organized and operated as exampled by the Coroner’s Office, an elected office. Which the Commissioner’s considered a threat to their corrupt and opaque machinations as commissioners. Especially the disappearance of tax dollars without a trace. Over $5 million total by the ALWS all by itself, with no transparency at the time and still no transparency on a willing basis. The fool commissioners are still funding the ALWS’s Million Dollar a year losses. Same with annual losses in other areas that cannot be justified, but will never end as long is this present crowd of commissioners are in control.

Also, let’s not forget the $30 plus Million high interest loan the Commissioners got to fund the new North Shelby School fiasco that was about $6 million over budget, selling $4.6 million in property to Clearwater Paper for $1, several other millions in giveaways to Clearwater and giving the City of Shelby a $11.5 million dollar gift to run water and sewer lines to the Clearwater expansion. And putting up the new North Shelby School, James love School and the paid for New Health Department as collateral. (No wonder the commissioners keep on trying to push through phony sales tax referendums.

But the main issue here is the $11.5 Million gift to the City of Shelby. In reality the gift was disguised as the County paying half of the $23 million cost to extend water and sewer to Clearwater. But the fact is that the City of Shelby will get their $23 million in cost back through the sale of water and sewer services. Leaving the $11.5 million County “gift” to the City of Shelby as just that-a gift of $11.5 million in county tax dollars for no good and transparent purpose. Something that Robbie Morgan would NEVER do!!!

After saying all of this, I could just say forget about all of this because Robbie Morgan hit a major “Home Run” at the Commissioner’s Forum. What Robbie Morgan said was so common sense. So obvious and so obviously right was this. In the very first forum question and as part of several other questions, Robbie Morgan said Cleveland County is NOT following up on anything they do to determine the RESULTS of County Spending. Were we being cost effective? Getting any return on our spending equity? Etc. Robbie Morgan said he would not spend a dime of taxpayer money without plans to follow-up on how effective that spending was. “Eureka” as Archimedes, the ancient Greek wise-man and genius of his time, said as he got into the bathtub pondering the King’s question to him.

Eureka, again, as this follow-up method suggested by Robbie Morgan in the way the County does business would quickly measure the effectiveness of what the county is doing. No more false promises, no more false any things. Once something is followed-up on and results are in, whether that something is repeated or not will become instantly clear to everybody. With NO HOKUM allowed. Commissioner transparency would become required and no phony-baloney could be hidden.

Therefore, we recommend voting for Robbie “Mr. Eureka” Morgan as a County Commissioner. We also recommend Mr. Eureka as the next Commissioner Board Chairman, so he can initiate and control things that would allow and require accurate follow-up evaluations be prepared and documented for commissioner review and action. And also push such methods on the School Board and other county agencies that come to the commissioners for funding. Such as this is what has to happen if Cleveland County is ever to come “Alive” again.

For your convenience, a Sample ballot of the Republican Primary Elections for Commissioner and the School Board is shown below.

Also note that Robbie “Mr. Eureka” Morgan will need the help of Tommy McNeilly and Dennis Davis to support this obvious agenda that is needed to cure Cleveland County of its corruption and unbounded waste.

Voting Guide!!!
2020 Primary Elections for Cleveland County
County Commissioners and Cleveland County Board of Education
Note: These are Republican Primary Elections as
There are No Democrat Primary Elections for these offices!!!

2020 Primary Elections–Voting Guide
County Commissioners
2020 Republican Primary Elections for County Commissioner
Sample Ballot

2020 Republican Primary Elections for School Board
Sample Ballot

Note: You can print off this page and take it to the Voting booth with you.
Nobody has the authority to take this voting guide away from you. Inside the polling place or outside.
You also have my permission to copy this page and pass the copies around as voting guides for your friends, neighbors and relatives.

Thank you for voting.

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  1. February 17, 2020 at 8:14 pm


    Cleveland County’s

    Economic Distress Ranking is 40 out of 100.

    Folks, let’s not give these incumbents a social promotion like CCS does our kids.

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