Rev. Dante Murphy Comments on His Winning Lawsuit Settlement!!! And surprise that nobody was Disciplined and the Shelby Star and Commissioners Colluded to Cover-Up!!! Comment Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Notes:
1. The Article referred to below regards “Commissioner Retaliation Brings ANOTHER Federal Lawsuit Down on Cleveland County” published May 4, 2018. Scroll back a few and read it again.
2. “Satirical Journalism” refers to my use of “Massa Eddie” or just “Massa” in reference to Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook in this and other articles. “Satire” is a technique employed by writers to expose and criticize foolishness and corruption of an individual or a society by using humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule. My use of Massa Eddie or Massa to describe Commissioner Holbrook, in my opinion, is totally appropriate. And credible. No offense is meant by the word “Massa” and “Plantation Politics” being associated with the days of slavery. That totally fits Massa Eddie’s appropriate description in his tactics and actions in office and in his present campaign for re-election. If anybody is offended, don’t get offended at me for telling it like it is. Get offended at Commissioner Eddie Holbrook. If you have voted for Massa Eddie or intend to, get offended at yourself for being so foolish.

Rev. Murphy’s Emailed Comment:

I wish to comment on your most recent article as to give more details pertinent to the subject matter. Attached to this email is a clause taken directly from the settlement agreement that I signed during settlement last year. As you can see, the terms for which I settled the lawsuit specifically stated that the amount of the settlement would not be disclosed. My purpose for non-disclosure of the amount was that it was only a fraction of the amount that would have been awarded from a jury trial. To my surprise, The Star colluded with the county and illegally published an article about the settlement. Cleveland County risked another lawsuit for the sole purpose of discrediting the allegations I presented. I was also lead to believe that disciplinary actions would be brought against managers who attempted to force me out of preaching. I am presenting this with the hope that more people will accept your satirical journalism as credible. Citizens should also be aware that the check for settlement was received more than a month after it was written due to the county trying to pressure me into waiving the “not confidential” clause in agreement. The Cleveland County Commissioners not only had to approve this agreement, but also had to approve violating its content.

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  1. Robert A. Williams
    May 5, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    More about Satire:

    There are two important things to remember about satire:

    1. It makes fun of a person, idea, or institution
    2. Its purpose is not just to entertain, but also to inform or make people think.

    The Importance of Satire:

    Satire has been called the oldest form of social commentary. For many people, the injustices and problems in their society are too big to confront directly – it’s hard to know where we would even start! So, one approach has always been to start with comedy. By laughing at something, we can acknowledge its reality while denying it power over our emotions.

    Satire also gets people to pay attention to social issues when they might otherwise ignore them. People may pick up a satirical book or watch a satirical movie hoping to be entertained, but end up thinking about issues and perspectives they never thought of before. Satirists hold a mirror to the flaws of society, helping people think critically about things they might otherwise just take for granted.

    Some have always understood there was method to my writings. Now you know. I am trying to get people to think and offer them an example of what to do about the bad things that are happening in our government.

    In this case, what to do is vote Massa out of office.

    Robert A. Williams

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